These were the goods that were brought to us due to the success of Sale of the Century (Australia).

Board GamesEdit

Various editions were manufactured and released by Crown & Andrews, featuring both hosts Tony Barber and Glenn Ridge on the cover respectively.

Instruction BookletEdit

PC CD-ROM GameEdit

Released by Roadshow Interactive, the CD-ROM game featured then host & hostess Glenn Ridge and Nicky Buckley on the cover, although they did not provide voices in the game. The PC port includes over 1000 questions with categories including Sport, Leisure, Arts, Plants, Animals, Entertainment and more. Similar to the board game adaptations featuring the "Quizzard" system, the game included a set of four multiplayer buzzer controllers called "The Slammer", which could be connected to the computer via a joystick port.

During episodes aired in 1997 and 1998, losing contestants could choose from either the board game or the CD-ROM game as a consolation prize, in addition to the stick pin.