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This is an episode guide covering 1984 of the NBC run of Sale of the Century.


No episode aired on January 2, 1984 due to coverage of the Tournament of Roses Parade, since January 1 fell on a Sunday that year.

Ep. # NBC Airdate Player 1 Player 2 Player 3
1/11/1984 Kathy
1/12/1984 Kathy
1/13/1984 Kathy
1/16/1984 Kathy
1/17/1984 Kathy
1/18/1984 Bob Roger Kathy
  • Kathy Riley wins the Cash Jackpot ($78,000) and leaves. She was just $45 from winning the lot.
  • The "final three questions" is still in place as of this episode, and once Kathy secures victory during the segment -- with $555 in her account, she already had more than enough to buy the cash jackpot -- Jim discards the final question, remarking, "Oh the hell with the last question ... ." In the end, both Bob and Roger are each given an additional $5.
1/19/1984 Cash Jackpot is reset to $50,000, and would not be reset again until April.
1/20/1984 Tom Mirdani Dave Cash Jackpot is at $51,000
1/23/1984 Cash Jackpot is at $52,000
1/24/1984 Cash Jackpot is at $53,000
1/25/1984 Cash Jackpot is at $54,000
1/26/1984 Cash Jackpot is at $55,000
1/27/1984 Cash Jackpot is at $56,000
1/30/1984 Cash Jackpot is at $57,000
1/31/1984 Cash Jackpot is at $58,000


Ep. # NBC Airdate Player 1 Player 2 Player 3
2/1/1984 Cash Jackpot is at $59,000
2/2/1984 Cash Jackpot is at $60,000
2/3/1984 Cash Jackpot is at $61,000
2/6/1984 Cash Jackpot is at $62,000
2/7/1984 Cash Jackpot is at $63,000
2/8/1984 Cash Jackpot is at $64,000
2/9/1984 Cash Jackpot is at $65,000.
2/10/1984 Cash Jackpot is at $66,000.
2/13/1984 Cash Jackpot is at $67,000.
2/14/1984 Cash Jackpot is at $68,000.
2/15/1984 Cash Jackpot is at $69,000.
2/16/1984 Cash Jackpot is at $70,000.
2/17/1984 Cash Jackpot is at $71,000.
2/20/1984 Cash Jackpot is at $72,000.
2/21/1984 Cash Jackpot is at $73,000.
2/22/1984 Cash Jackpot is at $74,000.
2/23/1984 Cash Jackpot is at $75,000.
2/24/1984 Cash Jackpot is at $76,000.
2/27/1984 Cash Jackpot is at $77,000.
2/28/1984 Cash Jackpot is at $78,000.
2/29/1984 Harry Vicki Ed
  • Cash Jackpot is at $79,000.
  • At this point, the Fame Game "famous faces" and the "final three" questions are still being used.
  • First of two Leap Day episodes in the series.
  • Ed currently has $149 in his bank.


Ep. # NBC Airdate Player 1 Player 2 Player 3
3/1/1984 Ed
  • Ed currently has $240 in his bank.
  • Cash jackpot is at $80,000.
3/2/1984 Cash jackpot is at $81,000.
3/5/1984 Cash jackpot is at $82,000.
3/6/1984 Cash jackpot is at $83,000.
3/7/1984 Cash jackpot is at $84,000.
3/8/1984 Cash jackpot is at $85,000.
3/9/1984 Cash jackpot is at $86,000.
3/12/1984 Cash jackpot is at $87,000.
3/13/1984 Cash jackpot is at $88,000.
3/14/1984 Cash jackpot is at $89,000.
3/15/1984 Cash jackpot is at $90,000.
3/16/1984 Cash jackpot is at $91,000.
3/19/1984 Cash jackpot is at $92,000.
3/20/1984 Cash jackpot is at $93,000.
3/21/1984 Cash jackpot is at $94,000.
3/22/1984 Cash jackpot is at $95,000.
3/23/1984 Cash jackpot is at $96,000.
  • Cash jackpot is at $97,000.
  • The week's theme appears to the "The South." Although two modern-day prizes are shown -- a $3,200 home video package and a Mercedes Benz 190D 4-door sedan worth $23,880 -- there are at least two befitting the theme: Victorian-style living room furniture worth about $5,200 and a 20-day tour of the Civil War-era South worth $8,056.
3/27/1984 Cash jackpot is at $98,000.
3/28/1984 Nanci Bob Dawn
  • Dawn McKellar went for the Cash Jackpot, which was at $99,000, but lost the game by $2, 57-55, to Bob, after a back-and-forth Speedround.
  • At this point, the Fame Game "famous faces" have been replaced by the numbered board with spaces marked 1-9, and the 60-second Speedround is in place. These changes likely took place no later than March 26 (the Monday show of this particular week). The Shopping sales targets are changed at this same time.
  • The short-lived "Money Back" question for contestants who buy Instant Bargains -- allowing the contestant to win back the sale value of the prize for correctly answering a question -- is in play here. Bob is in on all three Instant Bargains, declining the first and buying the next two, but does not correctly answer the questions. (He hears the question to the first one anyway, and admits he didn't know that answer.)
  • Perhaps due to time, Jim and new champion Bob rush through the Shopping prizes, only introducing the first three items before jumping right to the cash jackpot and informing him of the requirements to win the lot; the car and Level 4 and 5 prizes are not given, as is usual practice for first-day champions.
3/29/1984 Bob
  • Bob currently has $57 in his bank.
  • Cash jackpot is at $100,000 - the first time the cash jackpot reached six figures.
3/30/1984 Bob Cash jackpot is at $101,000


Ep. # NBC Airdate Player 1 Player 2 Player 3
4/2/1984 Cash jackpot is at $102,000
4/3/1984 Cash jackpot is at $103,000
4/4/1984 David Cash jackpot is at $104,000
4/5/1984 David Cash jackpot is at $105,000
4/6/1984 David Cash jackpot is at $106,000
4/9/1984 David Cash jackpot is at $107,000
4/10/1984 David Cash jackpot is at $108,000
4/11/1984 Keith Jane David
  • David Rogers wins the largest Cash Jackpot of the series - $109,000. Naturally, he takes it and leaves.
  • The total combined value of the lot at this point is $187,101, the largest in Sale history. Had David played on and won on the next show with at least $80, assuming a $110,000 cash jackpot, he would have won more than $202,000 in cash and prizes.
  • The Shopping segment featured a circus theme, with an actual clown troupe helping the models with the prizes. Those prizes included an electric organ ($4,500), a BMW R65 motorcycle and sidecar ($6,099), a 17-day tour of Eastern Europe (stops in Germany, Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic, $8,450), a 33-karat sapphire and diamond ring ($14,000), a 17-ft. Fleetwood travel trailer ($15,257) and a Cadillac Seville with cabriolet roof ($29,795).
  • David correctly answers the third Fame Game question (about Howard Hughes) and finds a $15 Money Card, doing so after uncovering the rarely seen "$200 or Pick Again." What had been a fairly tight game beforehand (Keith had $30, Jane $40 and David $59) now becomes a runaway as Rogers blitzes his way through the speed round and wins with $114.
  • Per a partial episode uploaded to YouTube, David had purchased an unknown Instant Bargain, with a $1,000 cash offer attached, earlier in the show. Jane wins a washer and dryer worth $991 in the Fame Game to go along with $45 cash, while Keith wins $400 from the Fame Game to end with $440.
4/12/1984 For the first time in nearly three months, the cash jackpot is reset to $50,000.
4/13/1984 The cash jackpot is $51,000.
4/16/1984 The cash jackpot is $52,000.
4/17/1984 The cash jackpot is $53,000.
4/18/1984 The cash jackpot is $54,000.
4/19/1984 The cash jackpot is $55,000.
4/20/1984 The cash jackpot is $56,000.
4/23/1984 The cash jackpot is $57,000.
4/24/1984 The cash jackpot is $58,000.
4/25/1984 The cash jackpot is $59,000.
4/26/1984 The cash jackpot is $60,000.
4/27/1984 The cash jackpot is $61,000.
4/30/1984 The cash jackpot is $62,000.


Ep. # NBC Airdate Player 1 Player 2 Player 3
5/1/1984 The cash jackpot is $63,000.
5/2/1984 The cash jackpot is $64,000.
5/3/1984 John Barbra Bill
  • The cash jackpot is $65,000.
  • Bill has $247 in his bank at this point. He was playing for the Level 2 prize, a trip to New York and tickets to a number of Broadway shows, but he now has enough for the third-level prize, audio and video equipment worth $8,530.
  • Shopping has a newspaper theme tied to it, with 22 oz. of gold ($9,480, as part of the "Finance" section) and a pair of Pontiac Fieros ($25,540, for "Automobiles") among the prizes up the line.
  • Bill buys the second Instant Bargain, a stereo worth $750 plus a $200 cash offer; as well as a lamp package ($425) and his-and-hers watches ($500) from the Fame Game, the latter after he found a "$400 or Pick Again" card; he also finds the $10 Money Card in the first Fame Game. However, Bill loses out on Sale Surprises on both the first (air conditioner, $494, with $500 cash) and third (home gym, $1,170, $1,000 cash) Instant Bargains; Barbra also was in on the first Instant Bargain and declined to buy.
  • John and Barbra leave with $50 and $40, respectively.
5/4/1984 Bill
5/7/1984 Bill The cash jackpot is $66,000.
5/8/1984 Bill
  • The week has a "Back to the '40s" theme. Among the prizes is a fully-restored, mint-condition 1948 Ford convertible (one of at least two weeks where a classic car is offered) worth about $25,000.
  • The cash jackpot is $67,000.
5/9/1984 Bill The cash jackpot is $68,000.
5/10/1984 Bill The cash jackpot is $69,000.
5/11/1984 Paul Susan Bill Bill Baxter wins the Cash Jackpot ($70,000) and leaves, retiring with $85,256.
  • By this point, the set changed.
  • The cash jackpot is reset to $50,000
5/15/1984 The cash jackpot is $51,000
5/16/1984 The cash jackpot is $52,000
  • The cash jackpot is $53,000.
  • Ian ends the day with $305 in his bank account and passes up a trip to Germany.
5/18/1984 Gary Andy Ian
  • The cash jackpot is $54,000.
  • The week's shopping theme is fairy tales, which plays into the coffee and tea service David was playing for; the Mad Hatter and the Rabbit from "Alice In Wonderland" was the skit.
  • Ian wins with $100. He is pushed for the first half of the speed round by Andy, who trails just $10 ($65-55) at the midway point before Ian gains form and wins going away, correctly answering seven of the next eight questions. Andy wins $900 over two Fame Game questions, while Gary is never a factor and leaves with $35.
  • Nobody guesses the correct answer to the second Fame Game, which is "As Time Goes By." Both Ian and Gary give incorrect answers, while Andy is stumped.
  • With $405 in the bank and more than enough to buy a $12,000 coffee and tea service from David Argell, Ian passes to play on. Up the line is a $15,000 collection of basket-weave gold and diamond jewelry (earrings and a bangle bracelet) from Jewels by Edwar (demonstrated by a princess and the goose that laid the golden egg), a $29,589 Cadillac Seville (Cinderella and Prince Charming) and the cash jackpot. Total value of all the prizes and the cash jackpot (as of this show) is $129,147.
  • Ian buys the first Instant Bargain, a package that includes dinner for two at Winthrop's Restaurant in Los Angeles and his/her watches from Jules Jergensen, plus $1,100 cash ($100 on a cash offer, the rest from a Sale Surprise) for $1,745 total. He passes on the other two Instant Bargains, a $670 19-inch color TV from Sharp and a $1,275 Irish settee bench from Williams Antiques.
5/21/1984 Jack Cathy Ian
  • The week's shopping theme is "outer space".
  • The cash jackpot is $55,000.
5/22/1984 Ian The cash jackpot is $56,000.
5/23/1984 Ian The cash jackpot is $57,000.
5/24/1984 Jack Bonni Ian
  • The cash jackpot is $58,000.
  • Ian demanded to drop the balloons, because he's taking the money and run.


Ep. # NBC Airdate Player 1 Player 2 Player 3
6/26/1984 Stephanie
  • Stephanie passes up the car -- a Nissan 300ZX worth $26,194 -- to play for the cash jackpot. As of this episode, she has $633 in her bank. She needed just just $17 to secure a $73,000 cash jackpot, or $123 to win the lot ($146,095 in cash and prizes).
6/27/1984 Kyle Dick Stephanie
  • Stephanie pulls away late to clinch the $74,000 cash jackpot and, suggesting she had a few scary moments in games earlier, decides to retire, despite needing just $37 to secure the lot, worth $147,095. Her total winnings are $83,337.
  • Stephanie led Dick by just $5 going into the Speedround, a gamble on a Mystery Money or Pick Again card on the final Fame Game netting her only a $450 mantle clock. Stephanie and Dick are tied at the halfway point, and Stephanie leads by just $5 with 15 seconds, but a string of three correct answers clinches victory.
  • Based on a partial upload of the episode to video sharing services, Dick picks up a coffee and tea service and women's clothing in two previous Fame Games; along with his $70 cash score, he leaves with $1,075. Kyle lags behind and left with just her $40 cash score.


Ep. # NBC Airdate Player 1 Player 2 Player 3


Ep. # NBC Airdate Player 1 Player 2 Player 3


Ep. # NBC Airdate Player 1 Player 2 Player 3


Ep. # NBC Airdate Player 1 Player 2 Player 3


Ep. # NBC Airdate Player 1 Player 2 Player 3
11/9/1984 Jeff Hewitt's first appearance.
11/12/1984 Jeff A "Dollar Bill Contest" is run for the next two weeks.
11/13/1984 Jeff Jeff, a three-day champion, has winnings of $12,295.
11/14/1984 Dave Lisa Jeff
  • Jeff wins a gold bracelet from Jewels by Edwar worth $3,125 in the Winners Board, bumping his winnings to $17,005. He also collects Jeff also buys $585 in dinnerware (from Noritake) "for his mother" in the first Instant Bargain segment and picks up $1,000 cash from the third Fame Game segment.
  • Jeff leads the game almost completely throughout and wins going away with $90, doubling up Lisa.
  • Starting no later than this episode, but possibly as early as Nov. 12, the Fame Game has a "$5+" Money card, which allows the contestant who finds it a second pick of the Fame Game board. This allows the contestant to possibly add up to $30 to his score at once, or short of that -- with the "$400 or Pick Again" card also in play -- up to three picks of the board in a single playing. This was a short-lived space and will soon be replaced by a standard $5 Money Card.
  • In the second Instant Bargain segment, there is an error on the cue card where Lee Menning announces the Sale price (of a $789 VCR) at $12, instead of the intended $9 price. Jim, who had already lowered the price to $10, is alerted from offstage as to the mistake; the correct bargain price had been displayed on the screen. Despite the mistake, Jeff -- who has a $10 lead at this point -- declines to buy the Instant Bargain.
  • In the first Instant Bargain segment, Jim misidentifies the prize as flatware after Jeff makes the purchase. Jeff later turns down the third Instant Bargain, a $1,200 private fishing trip for six.
  • Lisa wins a selection of small kitchen appliances (worth $285) and $500 cash from the first two Fame Games to end with $830 in winnings. Dave leaves with just the $25 cash in front of him, shut out after misidentifying the second Fame Game question about General Custer (he had incorrectly guessed Ulysses Grant) and otherwise having little success.
11/15/1984 Tom Jas Jeff Jeff's total after this episode is $22,055.
11/16/1984 Gregg Marlene Jeff
  • Jeff wins a car -- a Nissan 300ZX worth $26,194 -- from the Winner's Board, bringing his total winnings to $48,749. He also wins $500 from the first Fame Game segment, but turns down a $469 towel rack and a $700 gas range in the first two Instant Bargains.
  • Gregg finds a "$5+" card during the second Fame Game, finding a prize -- a $350 rocking horse -- with his second pick. Gregg takes the lead in the aftermath and ends up buying a $1,400 trip to the Bahamas in the third Fame Game segment. However, Gregg falls behind Jeff at that point and, after Jeff ends up finding a $15 Money Card in the final Fame Game segment, the champion wins going away with $80. Gregg ends the day with $1,799 in cash and prizes.
  • Marlene ends the day with $30 and is a non-factor.
11/19/1984 Jeff
11/20/1984 Jeff
11/21/1984 Jeff
11/23/1984 Tim Perrin Jeff
  • Jeff clears the Winner's Board, collecting the last remaining prize, the $10,000. Stating that somewhere out there, there is someone who can run faster, jump higher or throw farther and not wanting to be beaten by such an individual, Jeff decides to retire with his winnings. His take: $72,794.
  • It is a hard-earned victory for Jeff, as Perrin challenges the champion all day long. Setting it up: Perrin trailed Jeff 45-35 going into the third Fame Game but, after correctly answering a question about Jane Wyman -- Tim, by the way, had confused her with Jane Wyatt, taking himself out of the game -- she gambles after finding $400 or Pick Again by finding a $25 Money Card, allowing her to take a 60-45 lead. Jeff catches up and, in a back-and-forth game, it is a quick buzzer on a question about Scotland that costs Perrin a chance to force a tie. Jeff answered a question about the form of entertainment associated with Tin Pan Alley (music) with under five seconds left to earn the 75-70 victory.
  • Perrin leaves with a $450 bedding ensemble and $70 in cash; Tim was within striking distance before the final Fame Game but ended up leaving with just the $25 in front of him.
  • During earlier Fame Games, the Mystery Money or Pick Again card is found (concealing $500), as was a $10 Money Card.


Ep. # NBC Airdate Player 1 Player 2 Player 3
12/5/1984 Margerite
12/6/1984 Margerite
12/7/1984 Margerite
12/10/1984 Margerite
12/11/1984 Chris Ron Margerite Margerite Newhouse wins her 6th game and $10,000.
12/12/1984 Margerite
12/13/1984 Margerite
12/14/1984 Lisa Keith Margerite Margerite Newhouse wins her 9th game and a brand new car.
12/17/1984 Margerite
12/18/1984 Celeste
  • After two days as champion, Celeste has $6,139 in winnings.
12/19/1984 Lauree Tom Celeste
  • After a comfortable victory, Celeste wins five-day trip to the Bahamas worth $2,380 from the Winners Board. Added to her previous Winners Board winnings, including a custom men's wardrobe and a custom-crafted cabinet, and other winnings from this episode -- a $1,500 silver-plated jewel box (from the third Instant Bargain, not counting Jim's $600 cash offer) and $500 from the third Fame Game -- her winnings are $10,619.
  • Celeste passes up the first two Instant Bargains, a $500 ladies' wardrobe by Fawnn, and a Christmas gift package that includes an Audiobahn car stereo and toys and games from Lakeside Toys worth $700, the latter where she passes up an additional $200 cash offer.
  • Nobody guesses the second Fame Game whose clues led to the Broadway musical Hello, Dolly, the aftermath leaving Jim to joke at one of the incorrect answers, "Maybe we were closer with The Waltons." Tom had rang in and guessed The Waltons (which was not based on a story by Thornton Wilder nor set in Yonkers, New York, which were clues given immediately before Tom's incorrect answer, leading Jim stifling his laughter and saying, "I didn't understand that, either." After Lauree incorrectly guesses "Our Town," Jim advises the audience to not shout out any answers, believing the answer will be clearly obvious with the next clues ... until Celeste is completely stumped.
  • Lauree wins $445, pocketing $400 of it after finding the "... or Pick Again" card in the first Fame Game. Tom wins just the $40 in front of him.
12/20/1984 Karen Tom Celeste
  • Celeste survives a crazy finish to win with $106 and wins a pool table from Regal Manufacturing worth $3,125, bringing her winnings to $15,125.
  • The setup to a suspenseful Speed Round and Celeste's hard-fought victory comes when Tom's chanced early ring-in on the third Fame Game question pays off (a question about Marco Polo) and finds a $25 Money Card, allowing him to take a $1 lead over Celeste, 77-76. Celeste answers the first three questions to lead 91-77, but Tom responds in kind to lead 97-96 with 20 seconds left. However, Celeste correctly answers a question about the product of any number multiplied by zero (zero) and a costly miss on a question about where the Lorraine grape-producing region is (France; he answered Canada) go a long way toward making the difference, beating Tom 106-97.
  • Going into the third Instant Bargain, Celeste has a $43 lead over Tom, but Celeste buys the Instant Bargain (a $1,090 trip to San Diego) for $14 to reduce her lead to $29, before the third segment makes for an exciting finish.
  • Jay helps model the pool table, playing the part of a Godfather-type pool pro.
  • Celeste and Tom are tied at the first Instant Bargain, and it is Tom who buys a $549 set of balans chairs to leave with $641 in cash and prizes. In addition to the San Diego trip, Celeste also wins a mini refrigerator worth $585 in the first Fame Game, passing up $400 or Pick Again; she passes up Christmas dinnerware worth $712 in the second Instant Bargain. Karen is left in the dust and wins just the $25 in front of her.
12/21/1984 Celeste
12/24/1984 College Players Day 1
12/26/1984 College Players Day 2
12/27/1984 College Players Day 3
12/28/1984 Dean Suzy Ham College Players Day 4
12/31/1984 College Players Day 5