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The success of Sale of the Century has provided plenty of opportunities for various shows and movies to make parodies or have their characters make appearances on Sale as part of a (sub)plot.


Fast Forward (1989-1992)[]

Australian comedy sketch series Fast Forward has parodied the Australian version of Sale on at least three occasions:

(All below examples hosted by "Tony Babbler" (Michael Veitch) and "Alyce Prat" (Jane Turner) - parodies of Tony Barber and Alyce Platt respectively - unless otherwise marked)

  • "Celebrity Sale of the Century" (Season 2, episode 14; aired in 1990); contestants are Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen (Gerry Connolly) vs Jana Wendt (Marg Downey) vs Bettina Walthorpe (non-speaking audience member role)
  • "Celebrity Sale of the Century" (Season 2, episode 16; aired in 1990); contestants are Skippy the Bush Kangaroo vs Wayne and Arthur Dodgy (Steve Blackburn and Geoff Brooks respectively) vs Barry Jones (Peter Moon)
    • NB: At the time of this episode, the real Barry Jones had recently lost his seat as the Federal Minister for Science, which was referenced in the above parody. He had also appeared as a contestant on Australian game show Pick A Box in the 1960s, his array of knowledge likewise referenced in this parody.
  • "Host Rejects" (Season 3, episode to be advised; aired in 1991), where various "celebrities" audition to take over Tony Barber's hosting role

Full Frontal (1993-1997)[]

The successor to Fast Forward, Full Frontal also featured occasional parodies of Sale:

(All below examples hosted by "Glenn Ridge" (Eric Bana) unless otherwise marked)

  • "Rhetorical Sale of the Century" (Season 2, episode 7, aired in 1994), where questions are asked in the form of rhetorical questions; contestants are Lee (Glenn Butcher) vs Harvey (Kym Gyngell) vs Oswald (Ross Williams)
  • "Sale of the Century with Poida" (episode to be advised), where community TV personality "Poida" (a working-class dinner suit-wearing "bogan" played by Eric Bana) takes charge of hosting Sale

The Gillies Report (1984-1985)[]

One episode featured a Sale parody with a lengthy "Fame Game" sequence. Unlike the actual gameplay, the contestants were not locked out for answering incorrectly.

The Paul Hogan Show (1973-1984)[]

These were parodied as Sale of the Week.

Trapp, Winkle & Box[]

This was parodied as Snail of the Century!.

Senior Moments 2: Remember, Remember[]

A 2020 theatrical revue featuring Tony Barber and Max Gillies (from the abovementioned The Gillies Report).

One segment in this show featured Seniors of the Century, a parody of Sale of the Century in which Tony Barber parodied himself. Tony also acted as the narrator for the full show.

Appearances - Australia[]

TV Week Logie Awards[]

The TV Week Logie Awards is an annual television awards event, where awards are presented for programs and personalities voted by both the public and television industry members.

On occasion, Sale of the Century has featured in compilation clips of popular television shows aired during various Logie Awards presentations.

During the 1983 awards, Sale received the award for "Most Popular Game Show". Following the announcement, a clip of Ian Tweedie's win was played before Tony Barber accepted the award. Tony acknowledged it was the show's second consecutive win for that award; he also acknowledged the success of the 1980s American Sale (its NBC daytime version having commenced airing earlier that year).

Lights, Camera, Party![]

In late 2010, to celebrate Channel Nine Melbourne's move from its longstanding Richmond studios to new premises in Docklands, a highlights special was aired to remember the programs that originated from the Richmond studios.

David Poltorak's then-record $200 score from November 1986 was featured as one of the clips in the special.

Parodies - United Kingdom[]

The Benny Hill Show[]

The Benny Hill Show (hosted by Benny Hill) parodied the British version of Sale on at least two occasions:

  • Sale of the Half Century {Alternate Copy} (season 7, episode 4, aired on April 21, 1976) where Benny himself played as "Nicholas Parcel" (a parody of Nicholas Parsons) along with Libby Roberts, Jackie Wright and Bella Emberg as the contestants (Melonie, Jack and Theresa respectively)
  • A "feminine" version of Sale of the Century aired as part of a "WLT" segment (Women's Lib Television - a parody of London Weekend Television; unknown season, aired on 6 February 1980)

Appearances - United States[]

Alfred Hitchcock Presents[]

This was briefly featured in an episode called Night Caller (original airing November 3, 1985) where Betsy Van Kennon (played by Linda Fiorentino) watches the opening credits of an episode to Sale on TV; however, it is not indicated whether it was from either the NBC or the syndicated run.


Sale's sister show has borrowed the glass money briefcase from Sale of the Century that was used to represent the cash jackpot or $50,000 during the finale of the "Tournament of Champions".


A 1991 episode features the late Jim Perry introducing Mark DeCarlo in the opening since DeCarlo himself was a former contestant on Sale of the Century in 1985.

Welcome to the Boomtown[]

Brief footage of Sale appeared in the 1986 music video by the rock duo David & David. It is not known if footage was from the NBC or the syndicated run, but it appears to have aired no earlier than May 1984 because Version 2.0 of the contestant podiums, which first appeared in May 1984, were prevalent. The footage can be seen at about 1:49 in the video, and it appears the footage is from about the start of the match plus, two of the contestants' names are Steve and Sarah. It is possible that such footage was from Ep. S-114 (originally aired on October 3, 1985) about one year before this music video was released. Additionally this also featured a brief clip of The Price is Right during the showcase segment.

Rain Man[]

A scene from the film featured Charlie Babbitt (Tom Cruise) and his girlfriend Susanna (Valeria Golino) both entering a room full of mentally handicapped people watching Sale on television. Additionally, other game shows that were featured as clips on television were Wheel of Fortune, Wheel's sister show Jeopardy! and Pyramid.

TV Guide[]

In 2001, the magazine ranked Sale #41 in its 50 Greatest Game Shows of All Time list. Twelve years later, it was again featured as one of The 60 Greatest Game Shows of All Time in 2013.


In 2006, Sale was ranked #34 as one of The 50 Greatest Game Shows of All Time; the special in particular was hosted by Bil Dwyer. Interestingly enough, the 1980s Sale revival had not been on the schedule (save for a few clips in a special) until March 2013 when the network announced their acquisition of 65 episodes from the 1988-89 season, which began airing on April 1. The 1985-86 syndicated version began airing on the network in November. Those episodes aired on GSN until March 2015 when the network dropped Sale from their schedule. Buzzr later started broadcasting reruns from the 1985-86 syndicated version in September 2015.