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As a person who is fond of Sale of the Century, I am constantly looking for new Sale videos for my viewing pleasure. Something like this was done on the Wheel of Fortune wiki by a user named Daniel Benfield, so he figured he'd mirror his concept and create an archive with links to all of the episodes of $ale currently online. Hopefully you guys will enjoy this, I know I will enjoy making and contributing to this, and I sincerely hope you will as well.

If links do not work, make sure to remove or replace it so nobody else clicks on that dead link. If there is an episode which has multiple postings online, just add the link at the end of the description within the brackets and set text to display as "alternate copy".

Disclaimer: None of the episodes listed have been uploaded by me, it is simply a compilation of episodes other people have uploaded online. Sale of the Century is the property of Reg Grundy Productions, NBC, Nine Network and all other affiliated entities of the show.

Update (December 28, 2016): This is UltimaGanon, and I am officially back! Hoping to make edits and additions to this archive once again!

U.S. Versions[]

Original Series (1969-74)[]

NBC Daytime: September 29, 1969 - July 13, 1973
Syndicated, Weekly?: September 10, 1973 - September 13, 1974
The original Sale had some elements that remained through nearly all of its incarnations, most (in)famously the original British version. The first Sale host was Jack Kelly, who was replaced on August 23, 1971 by Joe Garagiola.

On March 26, 1973, likely to combat the success of CBS' Gambit, the show switched from three players to two married couples and the set was revamped from the style seen on the Milton Bradley home games to the one below.

  • 1973-74 (Clips of a syndicated episode, from a 1982 pitchfilm for the revival)

Revival, Daytime (1983-89)[]

Sale of the Century.jpg

NBC Daytime: January 3, 1983 - March 24, 1989

  • Taped 1982 (Sales Presentation, with clips of the original American version, the British version, and the Australian version; first two seconds missing)
  • Late December 1982 (Debut promo, with clips of the pilot {?/Susan/Jack Campion}; average quality)
  • 1988 (Sales Reel consisting of clips of various international versions, followed by the intro to a syndicated episode)


  • Early 1983 (Greg/Seth/Robert {Day 2 - $55 to spend})
    • [Jim mentions "yesterday" and "tomorrow"; not from premiere week, that much is certain. During Fame Games, Jay still only describes the prizes. Endgame sale prices still vary from week to week. Reg Grundy Productions logo animation is still a flat "RG" graphic zooming out from the center of the screen.]

Lee Menning becomes hostess (began in March)

  • March 14, 1983 (Monday: Mort Kamins/Lenore/Tom, Lee Menning's first episode as hostess; begins during intro, ends during credits)
  • March 15, 1983 (Tuesday: Shelia/Rosemary/Mort Kamins {$60 to spend}; end credits missing)
  • March 17, 1983 (Thursday: Anthony/Arline/Mort Kamins {$226 to spend}; ends during credits)
    • In the comments of the above video link, Mort Kamins (who posted his episodes to YouTube) advised he only had a portion of the March 16 episode that was "not worth posting".
  • March 18, 1983 (Friday: John/Jacque'/Mort Kamins {$301 to spend}, with Mort going for the car, and potentially the Lot; ends during credits)
  • April 20?, 1983 (Wednesday: Jon/Laura Chambers/David {$137 to spend}, with Pat Sajak on the Fame Game board; has a partial Contestant Plug, begins during intro, ends during credits)
    • [Jay now says "And behind (celeb name) we have..." with Fame Game picks. Endgame sale prices no longer vary from week to week, and are now "fixed" to $55-$120-$185-$250-$335-$420 (car)-$510 ($95,000 Lot). Laura notes that "I'd love to go to Paris in April."]
  • April 21?, 1983 (Thursday: Evon/Joe/Laura; first second or so missing, ends during credits)
  • April 22?, 1983 (Friday: Robin/Brad/Laura; first two seconds or so missing, ends during credits)
    • [The Sale of the Century logo-pin given to all departing contestants still has the off-model appearance seen when the show started. Car cue is still the main theme variant.]
  • May 13, 1983 (John/Linda/Jim Ostiller {$214 to spend}; taped from WNBC with commercials, ends during third commercial break)
    • [Fame Game still has $25 as its only Money Card. Cash Jackpot is still not present.]

Cash Jackpot added (debuted May 30)

  • July 12, 1983 (Dave/Gail/Richard Heft {$393 to spend}, with Richard going for the car {Cash Jackpot: $81,000}; has a Contestant Plug, first part of third Fame Game repeated for some reason, ends during Reg Grundy Productions spiel {alternate copy of first nine minutes and fee plugs, audio/video is off})
    • [Opening logo animation is still a counterclockwise wipe. Fame Game now has the $10 and $15 Money Cards in addition to the $25 one. The Sale of the Century logo-pin given to all players now matches the show's actual logo. Standard car cue is now in place. Hanging safe is still present. Reg Grundy Productions logo animation is now the 3D style.]
  • August 9, 1983 (Diane/Dwight/Barbara Philips {$484 to spend}, with Barbara going for the $68,000 Cash Jackpot...and perhaps more; begins during last Fame Game question, no fee plugs, audio is kinda low and a bit muffled)
    • [Jim notes that Barbara needs $116 today to win the Lot. Cash Jackpot sign border is still all-white. The hanging safe has now been replaced by the clear briefcase.]

Standard opening logo animation debuts, Cash Jackpot sign adds its red-blue-yellow colors (began by November 9)

  • October 24, 1983 (Tournament of Champions I, Semi-Finals Week 1: Mort Kamins/Barbara Philips/Richard Heft), Day 1
    • The first Tournament of Champions has different rules for the shopping portion than usual: for the Semi-finals, the player with the highest total at the end of the week goes shopping (and may buy multiple prizes, if they can afford to do so), and scores carry over from day to day, with an additional $20 added at the start of each game.
  • October 25, 1983 (Tournament of Champions I, Semi-Finals Week 1: Mort {$88 to spend}/Barbara {$30 to spend}/Richard {$40 to spend}), Day 2; begins during intro and ends during credits
  • October 26, 1983 (Tournament of Champions I, Semi-Finals Week 1: Mort {$173 to spend}/Barbara {$50 to spend}/Richard {$115 to spend}), Day 3; begins during intro and ends during credits
  • October 27, 1983 (Tournament of Champions I, Semi-Finals Week 1: Mort {$268 to spend}/Barbara {$100 to spend}/Richard {$165 to spend}), Day 4; ends during credits
  • October 28, 1983 (Tournament of Champions I, Semi-Finals Week 1: Mort {$362 to spend}/Barbara {$140 to spend}/Richard {$195 to spend}), Day 5; begins during intro
  • November 9, 1983 (Tournament of Champions I, Semi-Finals Week 3: Fran Wolfe {$70 to spend}/Michael {$25 to spend}/Helen {$30 to spend}, Day 2; contestant intros missing {alternate copy of shopping segment})
    • Jim notes that Mort Kamins and Kathy Powers have already gone on to the Finals week.
    • It seems an episode was pre-empted at some point, pushing everything forward by a day, as Jim notes they have three days to go in this Semi-Final week.
  • November 14, 1983 (Tournament of Champions I, Finals Week: Cathy Powers/Mort Kamins/Fran Wolfe), Day 1; ends during consolation prize plugs
    • For the Finals Week, scores again carry over each day, with the highest-scoring contestant winning a $108,000 prize package on the final day.
    • In addition, each contestant is brought out the back of each game to view the prizes (naturally, the highest-scoring contestant on Friday), Mort in Monday's case
  • November 15, 1983 (Tournament of Champions I, Finals Week: Cathy {$45 to spend}/Mort {$75 to spend}/Fran {$35 to spend}), Day 2; ends during car plug
    • Fran is brought out the back to see the prizes this time
  • November 16, 1983 (Tournament of Champions I, Finals Week: Cathy {$95 to spend}/Mort {$115 to spend}/Fran {$85 to spend}), Day 3; ends before credits
    • Although trailing in all games, Cathy is brought out the back to see the prizes
  • November 17, 1983 (Tournament of Champions I, Finals Week: Cathy {$145 to spend}/Mort {$155 to spend}/Fran {$160 to spend}), Day 4; ends during credits
    • All three contestants are brought out the back this time
  • November 18, 1983 (Tournament of Champions I, Finals Week: Cathy {$175 to spend}/Mort {$245 to spend}/Fran {$215 to spend}, with the result potentially hanging on the final Fame Game question), Day 5; ends during consolation prize plugs


  • January 18, 1984 (Bob/Roger/Kathy Riley {Champ}, with Kathy going for the $78,000 Cash Jackpot and a very awkward result; "last three questions" clip only)
  • February 29, 1984 (Harry/Vicki/Ed {$149 to spend}, with the Cash Jackpot at $79,000 {Part 2, Part 3}; has commercials)
    • [Jim no longer does the buzzer check at the start of the game. Fame Game board still uses faces, although they're no longer introduced by Lee and Jim. Front game still ends with three $5 questions.]

Speed Round debuts; numbers replace faces on the Fame Game board, which now also has cash bonuses (began by March 28)

  • March 28, 1984 (Nanci/Bob/Dawn McKellar {$572 to spend}, with Dawn going for the $99,000 Cash Jackpot)
    • [Jim notes that this week, Instant Bargains have a "Money Back Question" if someone buys one. Closing credits are still done over a slowly-zooming-out shot of the darkened set.]
  • April 11, 1984 (Keith/Jane/David Rogers {$566 to spend}, with David going for the $109,000 Cash Jackpot; Speed Round only)
    • [Speed Round still has the original "ding" as its clock appears.]

Sale Surprise debuts (began by May 3)

  • May 10, 1984 (Paul/Susan/Bill Baxter {$564 to spend}, with Bill going for the $70,000 Cash Jackpot; begins at last Fame Game pick, ends just before fee plugs)
    • [Rainbow buzzers are still present. Speed Round now has its standard "ding" as its clock appears. All players still get a gold Sale of the Century logo-pin.]

Revamped set (debuted by May 17)

  • June 27, 1984 (Kyle/Dick/Stephanie Holmquist {$633 to spend}, with Stephanie going for the $74,000 Cash Jackpot; intro, last Fame Game through part of shopping portion, and most of last segment only)
    • [Money Cards are now their standard red-on-yellow style (they still looked metallic as of May 22). Players no longer get the gold Sale of the Century logo-pin.]
  • July 19, 1984 (Promo with a bunch of clips, including one with Susan Wolfe and one with a $54,000 Cash Jackpot)
    • [Preceded by the close of that day's Scrabble, noting a couple of errors that were made.]
  • Late July-Early August 1984 (Terry/Tom/Susan Wolfe {$374 to spend}, with the Cash Jackpot at $59,000; taped from KRON with most commercials and a Contestant Plug, ends while Jim talks to the runner-up {so no shopping portion or final segment})
    • [This and the two below are consecutive. Jim notes that today is the director's birthday, and later welcomes "the new NBC station" KEVN (which had become an affiliate on 6/24/84). Still has large Speed Round clock window. Closing credits are now done over shots of the shopping area.]
  • Late July-Early August 1984 (?/?/Susan; taped from KRON, partial intro only)
    • [Preceded by a KRON News promo mentioning "the new Miss America". Given the Olympics reference in the below episode, this is probably referring to Suzette Charles, who took the role on 7/23/84 after Vanessa Williams was forced to resign.]
  • Late July-Early August 1984 (Veronica/Bill/Susan, with Susan going for the Cash Jackpot; taped from KRON, with commercials {alternate copy, no commercials})
    • [Jim notes that they're celebrating the Olympics this week on the show (the 1984 Summer Olympics ran from July 28 through August 12). Sale Surprise cue is a ringing bell. Speed Round clock window is still large.]
  • Early Fall 1984 (Jerry/Lyn/Bill Fogel {$576 to spend}, with Bill going for the $61,000 Cash Jackpot; montage including partial intro and all of Speed Round, ends just before fee plugs {alternate copy of Speed Round footage onward, lower quality})
    • [By this point, the window for the Speed Round clock is back to its normal size.]

Winner's Board debuts (began November 5?)

  • November 5?, 1984 (Winner's Board debut: Margerite Newhouse/John/Debbie {$6,440}, with Lou Mulford filling in for Lee {who is on maternity leave}; original broadcast with commercials, audio is kinda "tunnel-y" and muffled, video issues at a few points)
    • [At 7:55, Jim congratulates WSAZ in Huntington, West Virginia for celebrating 35 years with NBC; said station began broadcasting on 11/15/49.]
  • November 14, 1984 (Dave/Lisa/Jeff Hewitt {Day 4 - $12,295}, Day 3 of the two-week Dollar Bill Contest; has commercials, average quality)
  • November 15, 1984 (Tom/Jas/Jeff; taped from WDAF with most commercials, begins during intro {alternate copy, no commercials})
    • [Lee Menning is back by this point, and her and Jim's comments suggest this is her first day back. "$100,000" graphic during intro now resembles the one used by Wheel of Fortune at this point. Unused Winner's Board spaces still have asterisks on them.]
  • November 16, 1984 (Gregg/Marlene/Jeff, with an unusual "$5+" Money Card; taped from KRON, with commercials)
  • November 23, 1984 (Tim/Perrin/Jeff, with Jeff playing to clear the Winner's Board; begins shortly after last Instant Bargain)
    • [Last day of the Dollar Bill Contest. Unused Winner's Board spaces are now entirely blank.]
  • December 14, 1984 (Lisa/Keith/Margerite Newhouse {Day 9 - $34,000+} {Parts 2, 3, 4, and 5}; begins during intro, audio is a bit low, ends during credits)
    • [Question at 2:17 of Part 2 is about a Walter Mondale quote from November 8, 1984. Sale Surprise cue is still a ringing bell.]
  • December 19, 1984 (Lauree/John/Celeste {Day 3}; begins during intro {"-continue a journey..."})
  • December 20, 1984 (Karen/Tom/Celeste; original broadcast with commercials, video is a bit blurry, audio is a bit low {alternate copy of closing segment})
    • [Jim notes that college students will be playing for the next two weeks, and the champion of tomorrow's show will be brought back afterward. Unlike later shows, these students do not wear sweatshirts that represent their schools.]
  • December 28, 1984 (College Players, Day 5/Lee's Finale: Dean/Suzy/Ham {Champ - $3,000+}; first few seconds missing)
    • ["$100,000" graphic during intro is still yellow and flashes.]

Summer Bartholomew becomes hostess (began December 31)

Sale Surprise cue becomes a series of clangs (began by about January 7)

  • January 1985 (Promo for this and Scrabble; taped from WNBC, no audio for last second or so)
    • [Sale clips are from John Devero's run, including Bob/Cindy/John and Phillip/Kathleen/John.]

"$100,000" graphic changes to sparkly non-flashing numbers (began by February 4)

  • February 4-6, 1985 (J.B./Cynthia/Tim O'Rourke {Day 10 - $52,343}, with Tim going for the $10,000 to clear the Winner's Board; partial episode)
    • [Jim notes that Tim won the car last time.]
  • February 8, 1985 (Rita/Phillip/Linda {Day 2 - $4,000}; taped from WNBC, with commercials and a Contestant Plug)
    • [Jim plugs the Tournament of Champions.]
  • February 11, 1985 (Tournament of Champions, Day 1: Mark Hoffman {$61,657}/Celeste Wallace {$41,443}/David Herelko {$97,654}; ends just before Grundy logo animation)
    • [Winning the Tournament awards a $27,622 Porsche and $25,000 cash.]
  • February 12, 1985 (Tournament of Champions, Day 2: Joe Lasher? {$69,187}/Stephanie Holmquist {$83,410}/David Rogers {$122,114}; taped from KRON, audiovisual issues for most of show from Speed Round onward {with a station ID slide replacing the video portion from 17:08-18:04})
  • February 13, 1985 (Tournament of Champions, Day 3: John Devero? {$13,713}/Susan Wolfe {$69,851}/Dennis Oler? {$54,996})
  • February 14, 1985 (Tournament of Champions, Day 4 {Semifinal #1}: Stephanie/David/Susan)
    • [Winning the Semifinal awards $10,000 cash, in addition to the spot in the finals.]
  • February 15, 1985 (Tournament of Champions, Day 5: Stefan Chaznov? {$63,620}/Margerite Newhouse {$62,582}/Bill Baxter {$85,265})
  • February 21, 1985 (Tournament of Champions, Finals: Jeff Hewitt vs. Stephanie, Day 1)
  • February 22, 1985 (Tournament of Champions, Finals: Jeff Hewitt vs. Stephanie, Day 2; first few seconds missing, video issues at times)
    • [Copyright notice is still "©REG GRUNDY PRODUCTIONS, INC. 1985".]

Copyright notice changes to "©1985 REG GRUNDY PRODUCTIONS, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED." on two lines (began around late February or early March)

  • April 4, 1985 (Steve/Jane/Mark DeCarlo {Day 9 - $48,598}; taped from KRON, clips only)
  • April 5, 1985 (Neil/Martha/Mark; taped from KRON)
  • April 24, 1985 (David/Shirley/Jeff; taped from WNBC, with commercials)
  • April 25, 1985 (Jim/Theresa/Jeff, with Jeff playing to clear the Winner's Board for a car; clips only)
    • [The clips consist of a partial intro, then Jim's pre-game banter with Jeff. The rest of the footage begins shortly after the last Instant Bargain.]
  • April 26, 1985 (Windsor/Sandee/Jeff, with Jeff going for the $50,000 bonus; has commercials)
  • April 29, 1985 (Kevin/Judy/Jim {champ retired last time}; has commercials)
    • [Perry notes that next week will kick off an NBC game show sweepstakes on this, Scrabble, and Super Password.]
  • May 10, 1985 (Patti/Jerry/Annette {Day 2 - $3,000}, with a Home Contest Plug; audio is a bit muffled)
    • [Jim does the Home Viewer Question at 13:05, and notes that the drawing will be done on the May 29 Scrabble. "Starting money" animation still has the second and third displays activate before the first.]
  • June? 1985 (Monday: Debbie/Marty/Cindy Barr {Day 9 - $52,962}; taped from KRON, montage including partial intro and all of next-to-last segment, ends just before fee plugs)
    • [Jim notes that Cindy won a sportscar last time, adding that the prizes change every five shows. This and the two below are consecutive.]
  • June? 1985 (Tuesday: Sue/Chris/Cindy, with Cindy playing to clear the Winner's Board; has a Contestant Plug!)
    • [First Instant Bargain has a "Summer School" sign.]
  • June? 1985 (Wednesday: Jasmine/Doug/Cindy, with Cindy going for the $50,000 bonus; has a Contestant Plug, average quality, ends during sponsor list)
    • ["Starting money" animation has the second and third displays activate before the first.]

"Starting money" animation changes to the $20 popping in from left to right (began by July 1)

  • July 1, 1985 (College Week, Day 1: Chris/Kari/Ron; has commercials)
  • July 2, 1985 (College Week, Day 2: Hunt/Marci/Ron)
  • July 3, 1985 (College Week, Day 3: Kevin/Nicki/Ron; has commercials)
  • July 5, 1985 (College Week, Finale: Ralph/Marci/Ron; has commercials)

Directing slightly altered: after Jim reaches for the podium, the camera now dissolves to him, unlike previously where it would cut to him (began July 15)

  • July 22, 1985 (College Week, Day 1: Ken/Adrienne/Steve; begins just before first player intro, ends as Jim signs off {alternate copy, by the original uploader})
    • [Also of note is that several prize cues in these four shows are classic 1980s songs.]
  • July 23, 1985 (College Week, Day 2: Raad/Carolyn/Steve; taped from KPNX, with commercials and a Contestant Plug {alternate copies, no commercials, ends during credits: #1; #2, by the original uploader})
  • July 24, 1985 (College Week, Day 3: Tomm/Jennifer/Steve; first two seconds or so missing, ends right as Jim signs off {alternate copy, by the original uploader})
  • July 25, 1985 (College Week, Day 4: Kavian/Lisa/Steve; first second or so missing, no last segment {alternate copy, by the original uploader})
  • July 26, 1985 (College Week, Finale: Chris/Suzanne/Kavian)
  • August 21, 1985 (College Week, Day 3: Tim/Tracy/Michael {Day 3 - $9,439}; has commercials, parts of first two segments missing due to an NBC news report)
  • August 30, 1985 (Bobby/Ann Meyer/Eric {Day 7 - $28,104}, with a fun last segment; has commercials)
    • [Jay still does not say "Sale of the Century stars Jim Perry."]

"Sale of the Century stars Jim Perry." added to credits (began by September 3)

  • September 16, 1985 (Joanna/Earl/Ann {Day 10 - $58,209}, with Ann going for the $10,000 to clear the Winner's Board; has commercials, most of last segment missing {replaced by the last Fame Game and Speedround of...})
  • September-October 1985 (Linda-Jo/Paul/Debra {Champ}; begins at set of questions before final Fame Game, ends just after Speed Round)
    • [One question is about the film The Emerald Forest (released 7/3/85, per this article).]
  • September-October 1985 (Monday: Tamara/Kerry/Debra {Day 5 - $18,057}; taped from WNBC with commercials, including a promo for The New Newlywed Game)
    • [Jim notes that Debra (same one as above) won a trip to London on the Winner's Board. Jim's comments during the first Instant Bargain indicate this is Monday. Still has the "pick a number" Fame Game.

Fame Game board changes to "stop the flashing light" (began by October 14)

  • October 14, 1985 (Tad/Gita/David {Champ}; has commercials and a Contestant Plug, begins partway through first segment, ends as winner joins Jim for the Winner's Board)
  • November 1985 (Renae Jacobs/Thom/Christy {Day 4 - $12,806}, with an amazing win at the Winner's Board; top fifth or so and bottom fifth or so of video missing for some reason, but still very watchable)
    • [Returning champ's total still does not appear onscreen as Jay says it. Has the "bouncing light" Fame Game board during the intro. One fee plug near the end is for the Sears Wish Book '85.]
    • [Renae Jacobs was later the voice of April O'Neil in the 1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon and the first "Lady of the Maze" on Masters of the Maze.]

Returning champ's total displayed onscreen as Jay says it during the intro (began in November)

  • November 27, 1985 (Eric/Judy/Brad {Day 3 - $8,728}, with the cast having Thanksgiving dinner at the end of the show)
  • December 1985 (Richard/Marcia/Dave Goodmin {Day 10 - $53,741}, with Dave going for the $10,000 to clear the Winner's Board; video is somewhat blurry, but still watchable)
    • [Still has the "square numbers" Speed Round clock.]

Speed Round clock changes to a Futura-based design (began in December)

  • December 24, 1985 (Taylea/Gary/Claudia {Day 5}; begins just before Speed Round, most of Winner's Board portion missing)
    • [Set decorated for Christmas.]


  • January 8, 1986 (Glenda/Sean/Judy Cahill {Day 10 - $81,839}, with Judy playing for a Persian rug to clear the Winner's Board; first two minutes and last seven minutes only)
    • [Cloaing voiceover plugs tonight's lineup of Highway to Heaven, the debut of Blacke's Magic, and St. Elsewhere.]
  • February 14, 1986 (Ed/Saundria/Duane {Day 2 - $4,295}; taped from WESH {alternate copies of intro and credits, with commercials)
    • [Still has the third Instant Bargain. 7:06 has a plug for next week's Home Viewer Sweepstakes.]

Instant Cash replaces last Instant Bargain (began in February)

  • May 1986 (?/?/Richard White {Day 8 - $36,011}; taped from KTTY, first minute or so only)
    • [Richard's wife Rani also won big when she appeared in 1988.]
  • Summer? 1986 (Sharon/Barry/Gabrielle {Day 3 - $13,335}, with Jim plugging the home game {Instant Cash: $4,000}; average quality)
    • [At 1:00, a clip is shown of Gabrielle winning the $10,000 last time. Speed Round clock still has the Winner's Circle timer sound.]
  • July 7, 1986 (Kevin/Pat/Dick {Day 4 - $13,498}, with Instant Cash at $8,000; taped from KRON with commercials, tracking line present throughout {alternate copies of intro, Instant Cash segment, and close, with some commercials})
    • [Speed Round clock still has the Winner's Circle timer sound.]

Second Speed Round clock sound introduced (began by August 5)

  • August 5, 1986 (Sharon/Michael/Ellen {Day 5 - $16,500+}, with Instant Cash at $1,000; has most commercials, begins at zoom to car during intro)
  • August 7, 1986 (Jody Spreckles {Day 10 - $53,000+; back due to an error}/Aldo/Ellen, with Jody going for the $3,000 to clear the Winner's Board)
    • [At 1:04, a clip is shown of Ellen winning the car last time.]
  • August 8, 1986 (J.T./Jim/Jody, with Jody going for the $50,000 bonus; taped from KTTC, with some commercials)
    • [Jim notes that the next five shows will have a Home Viewer Sweepstakes involving the Fame Game board. He also notes that Jody's original run predated the Instant Cash. Closing voiceover plugs tonight's Knight Rider, Miami Vice, and Stingray.]
  • September 3, 1986 (Al/Gisele/Vince {Day 2 - $5,779}, with Instant Cash at $1,000; begins shortly before "$100,000" graphic)
  • September 4, 1986 (Steven/Marianne/Al; begins during car portion of intro)
  • September 5, 1986 (Bryan/Anna/Al; begins while Jim walks out, no audio for first four seconds)
  • October 10, 1986 (Casey/Missouri/Wayne {Day 3 - $18,037}, with Instant Cash at $2,000; taped from WNBC with commercials and a Home Viewer Sweepstakes Plug, bad video quality pretty much throughout {often gets very bad to the point of being completely unwatchable}, audio issues at times from about 21:27-27:40)
    • [Jim notes that Wayne won the Instant Cash "a couple of days ago" for $10,000.]


  • Early 1987 (Mary/Frank/Sharon {Champ}; partial episode, various portions missing {including most of intro and player interviews}, ends shortly before winner joins Jim for the Winner's Board)
  • February 1987 (International Invitational Tournament, USA Semifinals #3: Alice Conkwright/Judy Cahill/Diane Walker, with Instant Cash at $3,000; ends during credits)
    • [Diane mentions that "I was just here at the end of September and I'm still receiving my prizes."]
  • February 1987 (International Invitational Tournament, USA Finals: Tim Holleran {$85}/Diane Walker {$60}/Bill Fogel {$60}, Day 2 {Instant Cash: $5,000}; first second or two missing, video is a bit dark, tracking lines at times)
    • [Jim notes that the USA portion of the Tournament began with nine players and is now down to three, adding that the grand total from this show and the previous one will determine who goes on to the Grand Finals.]
  • February 1987 (International Invitational Tournament, Grand Finals: Cary Young {Australia}/{winner of USA Finals}/Harvey Bellatose? {Canada}, Game 4 {Instant Cash: $3,000}; audio is a bit muffled)
    • [Jim notes that on the episode before the Tournament began, Bob Raphael? had won his ninth prize off the Winner's Board and opted to come back to try for the last prize - the $10,000. Still has the smaller, all-uppercase copyright byline.]

Copyright byline enlarged and now uses lowercase lettering as well (began by March 30)

  • March 10, 1987 (Allen/Toby/Andy Ross {Day 10 - $68,340}, with Andy going for the $10,000 to clear the Winner's Board {Instant Cash: $2,000}; has commercials {alternate copy, by the original uploader}))
    • [Jim notes that Andy won the Instant Cash "two shows ago" for $16,000. Closing voiceover plugs Blockbusters, Wheel of Fortune, and Scrabble. Per the uploader, this and the Card Sharks episodes in the same upload (aired May 5-8, 1987) "were a month or two apart".]
  • March 30, 1987 (Brenda/Dave/Pamela {Day 5 - $11,501}, with Instant Cash at $4,000; taped from WNBC, with some bits of commercials)
  • May 29, 1987 (College Week, Finale: Linda/Hugh/Kana {$11,553}, with Instant Cash at $1,000; has commercials and a Contestant Plug!)
    • [Jim briefly mentions Linda Credit during the final segment.]
  • June 9, 1987 (Joanne/Ric/Linda Credit {Day 11 - $89,458}, with Linda going for the $50,000 bonus {Instant Cash: $7,000}; taped from WNBC, with commercials {alternate copies: full show, no commercials; Speed Round only})
  • June 12, 1987 (Bob/Kathy/John {Day 3 - $24,782}; original broadcast with commercials and a Contestant Plug, small portion repeated at 13:27)
    • [A short clip of John winning the car yesterday is shown at 1:03.]
  • June 15, 1987 (Greg/Sheena/John; taped from WNBC, with a few commercials and a Contestant Plug)
  • October 9, 1987 (Keith/Karen/Gary, with Instant Cash at $4,000; has commercials, one question missing due to an NBC Special Report)
    • [Jim notes that champ Tom O'Brien, currently on Day 10, was unable to make it and will be on the next show.]
  • October 13, 1987 (Scott/Rita/Tom O'Brien {Day 11 - $102,000+}, with Tom going for the $50,000 bonus {Instant Cash: $6,000}; original broadcast with commercials and a Contestant Plug, video is a bit fuzzy, tracking line present throughout, video issues during part of Instant Cash, audio goes out for several seconds during credits {possibly because the affiliate this was taped from wasn't airing certain NBC game shows?})
    • [Commercial at 13:40 is a Halloween-themed one for Skittles.]

Winner's Big Money Game and updated theme debut (began by December 21)

  • December 28, 1987 (Anna Maria/Grover/Francine {Day 2 - $3,999}, with Instant Cash at $1,000; has one commercial, no last segment)
    • [Jim's opening comments indicate this is not the debut of this format, as was long believed.]
  • December 30, 1987 (Marc/Betty/Al {Day 2 - $3,929} {alternate copy, audio/video is a bit off})
    • [Winner's prize picked at start of second segment; "Winner's Board", placed at center stage, has six cards and a diamond-shaped border (basically resembling an upsized version of the WBMG podiums). Chosen card is replaced by a blank one, meaning that five of the six available prizes will be won each week. Copyright byline still uses lowercase lettering.]

Copyright byline returns to all-uppercase lettering (began by January 14)

  • January 14, 1988 (Charles/Karin/Tom Collins {Day 3 - $14,260}, with Instant Cash at $10,000; original broadcast, tracking lines present)
    • [Listed by uploader as 1/15, but Winner's Board has only three cards picked when first shown.]

Don Morrow becomes announcer (began sometime between January 14 and 20)

  • January 20, 1988 (Eric/Janis/Tom, with Tom Collins going for the car {Instant Cash: unknown}; original broadcast, ends after second segment)
    • [Still has the original WBMG-era intro (shot of the car as the announcer says "Thousands of dollars and...").]
  • February 1, 1988 (Tournament of Champions, Day 1: Andy Ross/Linda Credit/Bob Rafael, with Instant Cash at $1,000; original broadcast with a Contestant Plug, video is a bit blurry, audio is kinda low, video issues during part of intro)
    • [WBMG is played for $5,000 in these first three games. Jim notes that none of the champs in this Tournament have played the WBMG.]
  • February 2, 1988 (Tournament of Champions, Day 2: Dave King/Zak Barlo/Tom O'Brien; original broadcast, video is a bit blurry)
  • February 3, 1988 (Tournament of Champions, Day 3: Ben Wong/John Ohma/Diane Cross; original broadcast, video is a bit blurry)
  • February 4, 1988 (Tournament of Champions, Day 4 {Finals, Day 1}; original broadcast, video is wavy and kinda blurry, audio is a bit muffled, video issues at times during first two minutes and occasionally afterward)
    • [WBMG is played for $10,000 until somebody wins two games, at which point s/he gets $10,000 and plays the WBMG for a $32,195 Mercedes-Benz.]
  • February 5, 1988 (Tournament of Champions, Day 5 {Finals, Day 2}; original broadcast with a Contestant Plug, video skew at top throughout)
  • February 8, 1988 (Tournament of Champions, Day 6 {Finals Day 3}; original broadcast with a Contestant Plug, video skew at top throughout)
    • [Winner's prize is still picked at start of second segment; Winner's Board still has its original appearance and staging.]
  • February 9, 1988 (Tournament of Champions, Day 7 {Finals Day 4}: Who will win $10,000 and a shot at the Mercedes-Benz?; original broadcast, video skew at top throughout)
    • [Still has the "five in 25" format of the Winner's Big Money Game.]

Winner's prize now picked after the game, Winner's Board adopts standard shape (roughly square) and staging (on the turntable), Winner's Big Money Game changes from "solve five in 25 seconds" to "solve four in 20 seconds" (began by April 11)

  • March-April 1988 (Monday: Sheree/Ron/Judy {Champ}, with Instant Cash at $5,000 {taped 2/88}; begins during Ron's entrance, ends just before Grundy logo animation)
    • [This and the two below are consecutive. Jim's comments indicate this is the debut of the revised WBMG. He also congratulates KHQ on celebrating 35 years with NBC (said station launched 12/20/52). One Speed Round question is about China recently celebrating the Year of the Dragon, which happened on 2/17/88.]
  • March-April 1988 (Tuesday: Roberta/Steve/Sheree {taped 2/88}; begins during Steve's entrance)
    • [Jim mentions at 2:43 of Part 2 about a "recently filmed" episode of The Golden Girls with Mickey Rooney; said show aired 2/27/88.]
  • March-April 1988 (Wednesday: Cathy/Bud/Sheree {taped 2/88}; begins at zoom to car during intro, ends late in WBMG)
    • [Second question mentions April 15 as upcoming.]

Standard intro returns; car area now has varying decorations behind it

  • April or so 1988 (Monday: Kevin/Andi/Bill {Day 3 - $16,746}, with Instant Cash at $1,000; has commercials)
    • [Jim hopes viewers enjoyed the preceding "Brides-To-Be Week". Show is preceded by an NBC "Games of the XXIV Olympiad" bumper. Question at 10:20 references an event from 3/10/88.]
  • April or so 1988 (Thursday: Nole/Ralph/Tara {Day 3 - $20,440}, with Instant Cash at $11,000; has commercials)
    • [Show is preceded by an NBC "Games of the XXIV Olympiad" bumper (Said Olympics ran from September 17 to October 2). One WBMG puzzle is about a film released 3/18/88.]
  • May 1988 (Thursday: Karen/Jim/Rani White {Day 6 - $51,627}, with Instant Cash at $3,000; has commercials and a Contestant Plug)
    • [Question at 18:21 is "What Pulitizer Prize-winning novel by William Kennedy recently became a movie starring Jack Nicholson and Meryl Streep?" (Ironweed, released 12/18/87.)]
  • May 1988 (Monday: Brenda/Joel/Rani, with Rani going for the $50,000 bonus; begins near end of Speed Round)
  • August? 1988 (Varsity Week, Day 4: Mary Ann/David/Whitney; USA repeat from 11/24/92 with commercials, tracking line present throughout {alternate copy})
    • [Winner's Board is still present, but has just five numbers to pick from (the sixth instead saying "VARSITY WEEK").]
    • [Question at 9:33 is about Loni Anderson's "recent" marriage to Burt Reynolds, which this page indicates was in May. Another at 10:04 mentions Rambo III (released 5/25/88) as a "box-office smash". Still another at 20:56 mentions Valerie's Family, which was renamed The Hogan Family in mid-1988.]
  • August 1988 (Thursday: Vikki/Chip/Terrill {Day 2 - $4,397}, with Instant Cash at $4,000 {Part 3}; has commercials)
    • [Show is preceded by an NBC "Games of the XXIV Olympiad" promo/bumper.]
  • August 1988 (Thursday: Katie/Stan/Robin {Day 3 - $12,394}, with Instant Cash at $16,000; has a Contestant Plug, ends during credits {alternate copy, taped from KRON with commercials})
  • August 1988 (Friday: Michelle/Paul/Robin; taped from KRON with commercials, no credits)
  • August 1988 (Tuesday: Marge/Anthony/Robin; USA repeat, with commercials {alternate copy, no commercials})
  • August 1988 (Wednesday: Jeanne/Win/Robin, with Robin going for the car; USA repeat, with commercials {alternate copy, no commercials})
    • [First question is about the "new film" Red Heat (released 6/14/88). Another, at 8:00, is about McDonald's currently testing out McPizza.]
  • August 1988 (Thursday: Linda/Steve/Gloria {champ retired last time}; USA repeat)
    • [Winner's Board is still present.]
  • August 1988 (Monday: Mitchell/Sandy/Terry {Day 2}, with Instant Cash at $1,000; USA repeat, begins at zoom to car during intro)
    • [Jim notes that Terry won a $4,000 Instant Cash last time, plus some gold coins. Winner's Board is still present.]

Winner's Board removed - winner's prize announced before the game begins (began by August 30)

  • August 30, 1988 (End of Summer Bash, Day 2: Alan/Jennifer/Erik; USA repeat)
    • [Or, more accurately, "High School Students Week". Instant Cash is worth $2,000 all week, and the WBMG is played for $5,000. Jim notes that Classic Concentration is also doing an End of Summer Bash this week.]
  • August 31, 1988 (End of Summer Bash, Day 3: Jason/Erin/Robert; USA repeat)
  • September 1, 1988 (End of Summer Bash, Day 4: Lauren/Andy/Darcey; USA repeat)
  • September 2, 1988 (End of Summer Bash, Finale: Anne/Chris/Evelyn; USA repeat)
  • September 6, 1988 (Jim/Elaine/Bart {Day 4 - $23,242}; original broadcast, ends at second commercial break)
  • September 9, 1988 (Diane/Damon/Elaine {Instant Cash: $2,000}; taped from KNBC, with commercials)
  • September 1988 (Josh/Kathy/Kelton {Day 2 - $7,899}, with Instant Cash at $3,000; USA repeat, with commercials)
    • [Question at 9:15 mentions that "the new TV season is finally gearing up" following a five-month WGA strike (said strike ended on 8/7/88). Another, at 20:40, is about Mathias Rust being "recently released" from Soviet custody (8/3/88).]
  • September 1988 (Steve/Chris/Dan {Day 2 - $5,036}, with Instant Cash at $8,000; USA repeat, with commercials)
  • October 3, 1988 (#1468: Royal/Hi/Chou Chou {Day 3 - $14,355}, with Instant Cash at $2,000; USA repeat, with commercials)
    • [Jim congratulates KYTV on celebrating 35 years with NBC "over the weekend"; said station launched 10/1/53.]
  • October 5, 1988 (#1470: Rhonelda/Kyle/Arlene {Day 2 - $3,299}; USA repeat from 12/8/92, with commercials)
    • [Jim notes at 14:10 that next week will be Pep Rally Week, and later notes that a prior WBMG player missed a puzzle involving the Everglades.]
  • October 7, 1988 (#1472: Nick/Ella/Phil Cambry {Day 2 - $10,958}; USA repeat from 6/1/94, with commercials)

Money Card fonts updated (taller, thinner characters; began October 10)

  • October 11, 1988 (#1474/Pep Rally Week, Day 2: Aimee/Brian/Mitch; taped from KRON with commercials, begins shortly before Speed Round)
  • October 13, 1988 (#1476/Pep Rally Week, Day 4: Chris/Lakita/Kip, with Instant Cash at $2,000; USA repeat)
  • October 17, 1988 (#1478: Michael/Janet/Phil; taped from KRON, with commercials)
    • [Jim notes that the last five shows had college players.]
  • October 18, 1988 (#1479: John/Bonnie/Phil; has commercials)
  • October 24, 1988 (#1483/Trick or Treat Week, Day 1: Paul/Sylvia/Phil, with Phil going for the $50,000 bonus {Part 3, Part 4}; USA repeat)
    • [Jim notes that Phil won an $11,000 Instant Cash last time.]
  • November 1, 1988 (#1489: Azeem/Donna/Jim {Day 2 - $7,545}, with Instant Cash at $1,000; taped from KRON, with commercials)
  • November 2, 1988 (#1490: Peter/Margie/Jim; has some commercials)
  • November 4, 1988 (#1492: Lisa/Brian/Christie {Day 2 - $3,950}; taped from KRON, with most commercials)
    • [Jim notes that the last game ended in a three-way tie, and later plugs the Salute to True Romance as starting "on the next show".]
  • November 7, 1988 (#1493/Salute to True Romance, Day 1: Margaret/Stephen/Melanie; has most commercials)
    • [For these shows, Instant Cash is worth $2,000 and the WBMG is played for $5,000.]
  • November 8, 1988 (#1494/Salute to True Romance, Day 2: Steve/Esther/Raymond, with a poor run at the WBMG; has some commercials, begins at first Instant Bargain, average quality)
  • November 10, 1988 (#1496/Salute to True Romance, Day 4: Julius/Kathy/Scott; taped from GSN)
  • November 11, 1988 (#1497/Salute to True Romance, Day 5: John/Dina/Rodney; taped from GSN)
  • November 14, 1988 (#1498/Salute to True Romance, Day 6: Eric/Lisa/Jack; taped from GSN)
  • November 15, 1988 (#1499/Salute to True Romance, Day 7: Sarah/Brian/Veronica; taped from GSN)
  • November 16, 1988 (#1500!/Salute to True Romance, Day 8: Richard/Kathleen/Bruce; taped from GSN)
  • November 17, 1988 (#1501/Salute to True Romance, Day 9: Patty/George/Lorien; taped from GSN)
  • November 18, 1988 (#1502/Salute to True Romance, Finals: Richard/Ted/Brian; taped from GSN)
  • December 21, 1988 (#1523/Christmas Week, Day 3: Nancy/Randy/Karen {Day 3 - $21,420}, with Instant Cash at $2,000; USA repeat {alternate copy})
  • December 23, 1988 (#1525/Christmas Week, Finale: Ursula/Jeff/Angela {Day 2 - $5,100} {Part 3, Part 4})
    • [Copyright notice is still "©1988 REG GRUNDY PRODUCTIONS, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED".]

Copyright notice changes to "©1989 GRUNDY INTERNATIONAL OPERATIONS LTD. All Rights Reserved" (began by January 3)

  • January 3, 1989 (#1531: Richard/Victoria/Kerry {Day 2 - $7,723}, with Instant Cash at $1,000; taped from GSN)
    • [No episode aired on January 2.]
  • January 4, 1989 (#1532: Todd/Jill/Kerry; taped from GSN)
  • January 5, 1989 (#1533: Bill/Janet/Kerry; taped from GSN)
  • January 6, 1989 (#1534: Nick/Cheryl/Kerry; original broadcast)

Revival, Syndicated (1985-86)[]

Syndicated, Daily: January 7 - May 24 [September 13], 1985 (100 episodes)/September 16, 1985 - May 30? [September 12], 1986 (170 episodes)
Distinguishable by the shopping endgame until shortly into Season 2, at which point the Winner's Board debuted and the two versions became pretty identical.

While USA aired repeats between September 14, 1992 and July 29, 1994, it wasn't until GSN began airing 65 of the first 68 episodes on November 29, 2013 (skipping January 28, February 5, and February 11, 1985) that collectors and traders could sort out the first 14 weeks...and thanks to the Cash Jackpot, the circulating episodes from afterward. GSN's second lease began on September 29, 2014, starting with the episode after the first lease.

Daniel Benfield over on the US Game Shows Wiki has an episode guide here.

Season 1 (no fee plugs before credits; contestant/ticket plugs and full credit roll shown every night)

"All the prizes and a Cash Jackpot of [amount]..." changed to "Cash and prizes worth over $100,000..." (began January 14)

"Lot and Cash Jackpot" price drops from $830 to $750; fee plugs before credits; contestant and ticket plugs no longer shown every night (began January 28)

"$100,000" graphic changes to sparkly non-flashing numbers (began February 4)

First word of intro changes from "tonight" to "today" (began March 4)

  • April 1, 1985 (#S-061: Wil/ALICE CONKWRIGHT/Michael, with Michael going for the Lot; taped from GSN {gameplay compilation only})
  • April 3, 1985 (#S-063: Peter/Don/Alice, with a hilarious Instant Bargain; taped from GSN {said Instant Bargain only})
  • April 5, 1985 (#S-065: Jeff/Richard/Alice; taped from GSN {shopping segment only})
  • April 8, 1985 (#S-066: Irwin/Chuck/Alice {Cash Jackpot: $77,000}, with Alice going for the Lot; taped from WOR)
  • April 9, 1985 (#S-067: Steve/Elizabeth/Mitch, with a winner who wants to get on to the shopping endgame; taped from GSN {end of main game only})

Fame Game numbers change to yellow/red motif; Money Cards change from yellow/red to orange/black; note that these changes to the colors of the Money Cards were exclusive to the Syndicated version and the Daytime version continued to use the old colors. (began April 15)

Money Card numbers change from black to blue (began April 22)

  • April 23, 1985 (#S-077: Frank/Jack/Patricia; taped from GSN)
  • April 24, 1985 (#S-078: Walt/Victoria/Frank, with Jim making a You Bet Your Life reference and someone refusing a table because it doesn't come with chairs!; taped from GSN {Instant Bargain only})
  • May 6, 1985 (#S-086: Joel/Niki/Michael, with a moth unexpectedly showing up in the first Instant Bargain; taped from GSN {Instant Bargain only})
  • May 17, 1985 (#S-095: Melanie/MATT OTTINGER/Jan, with Jay Stewart making a cameo; taped from WSYM {alternate copy, taped from GSN; slightly shorter})
  • May 20, 1985 (#S-096: Lianne/Jim/Jan, with the fish-shaped soup...thing...that Jim mocked on #S-087 making a return appearance with "pizzazz"; taped from GSN, glitchiness for a few seconds {Instant Bargain only})
    • [And by "pizzazz", I mean a glittery spectacle with the music being the "big win" cue!]
  • May 23, 1985 (#S-099: Tony/Jinni/Len)
  • May 24, 1985 (#S-100: Tim/Shirley/Len {Day 2: $70}; Tim thinks he's on Jeopardy! with one of the questions!)

Season 2, Shopping (began September 16: Money Cards revert from orange/blue to yellow/red; $20 pops from left to right, and the camera dissolves to Jim instead of cuts to him, after he reaches for his podium)

Fame Game changes from "pick a number" to "stop the bouncing light" (began October 14)

"Bouncing light" Fame Game board during intro (began October 28)

  • November 14, 1985 (#S-144: Brad/Buffy/Mark, with the return of the fish soup tureen!; taped from GSN, Instant Bargain only)

Season 2, Winner's Board (began November 18)

  • November 28, 1985 (#S-154: Willie/Michele/Alan, with a silly "pizzazz!" presentation for the third Instant Bargain; intro and credits from original broadcast only, with commercials)

Speed Round clock changes from a Vane display to a large round font, possibly Helvetica Extra Bold (began December 2)

Speed Round clock changes to a Futura-based font (began December 9)

  • January 8, 1986 (#S-168: CURTIS WARREN/Pam/Rocky {Day 8 - $54,135}; taped from GSN)
  • February 24, 1986 (#S-201: LISA MUNOZ/Ryan/Ann {Day 3 - $5,148}; taped from WABC, with commercials)
  • May 29?, 1986 (#S-269: Melanie/Tim/Sandi {Day 2}; USA repeat, begins during second Fame Game, no credits)
  • May 29?, 1986 (WOTV promo for the episode immediately after the above, on Friday {or, in other words, the Finale})

Temptation (2007-08)[]


Syndicated, Daily: September 10, 2007 - May 23 [September 5], 2008 (170 episodes)

A revival (attempted revival...) of Sale based audiovisually on Australia's Temptation, itself a revival of Australia's Sale. The show had gained success in Australia, so FremantleMedia decided to bring it Stateside; however, the show quickly became one of Fremantle's biggest failures, and only garnered a 0.5 rating on average for its entire run.

In some ways, Temptation was faithful to the 1980s American Sale and the Australian Temptation: the shopping format was used, and Instant Bargains as well as the Instant Cash were also used. One problem was that everything was incredibly cheap – the Instant Bargains rarely ever exceeded $2,000 in value, Instant Cash started at $500 and capped at $5,000, and there was no way to play for all of the prizes onstage or a Cash Jackpot. Also of note, the currency on the show, known as "Temptation Dollars" (or "T$" for short) was not valid currency, so there was a good chance that anyone who didn't win an Instant Bargain or Instant Cash or anything at all (for that matter) would win nothing more than a trip to the Land of Parting Gifts.

Those weren't the only problems, though – the announcer was one of the worst ever and that's not an exaggeration (Rolanda Watts, anyone?), and they tried to jumble about 5-6 different game shows (some of which weren't actually owned by Fremantle, such as Knock-Off being a lawsuit-close copy of 1980s fan favorite Wipeout and the Fame Game using a certain Wheel element) into the front game. The show was geared almost entirely towards one gender (women), which isn't necessarily a bad idea for some shows but just doesn't work as well with game shows since it tends to be a catch-all type of genre. Rossi Morreale wasn't a bad host, but he and the show certainly weren't helped by the fact that each taping day consisted of 12-14 episodes.

It also didn't help that the first five taped shows didn't air until March, and that the feed for double-run episodes would switch slots, resulting in single-run viewers getting jumped around a couple of times.

Temptation was cancelled a couple months after its finale (although really, it should have been cancelled much, much sooner), and despite all its problems it came pretty close to being renewed. Still, this is the Sale Video Archive, so here's the U.S. Temptation for your, pleasure. Maybe.

  • November 4, 2006 (Pitch tape with clips of the two pilots shot in Australia on that version's set, with absolutely no mention of the format changes that were in place even there...although that's probably because the pitch is so focused on "ooh shopping" that it barely mentions the game)
  • August? 2007 (Debut promo with clips of the pilots, showing Knock-Off and the neutered Fame Game)


  • September 5, 2007 (Preview Episode #1: Mikalah Gordon/Justin Guarini/Kimberly Caldwell {Instant Cash: $2,500}; intro and 10-minute gameplay montage)
    • [Aired during the main run on March 13, 2008.]
  • November 21, 2007 (Three-Day "Tournament" I, Finale: Barika {$2,799 with T$194 to spend}/Carmen {$5,495 with T$209 to spend}/Jonas {T$85 to spend}; final Speed Round only)
    • [Not so much a "Tournament" as it is players the show liked who, in at least a few cases, didn't even become a champion. Each day starts the players with T$30, but only the winner of Day 3 gets to go shopping. Barika was on the 1/29/08 show (#1GT138: Connie/Shannon/Barika); Carmen was likely on the 11/5/07 single-run show (#1GT102: Ashlyn/Carmen/Lisa) or 4/2-3/08; Jonas was on the 5/22/08 show below.]
  • November 26, 2007 (Three-Day "Tournament" II, Day 1: Cindy/Ingrid/Trisha {Instant Cash: $1,000})
    • [Cindy was on at...some point (none of the available Game Show News Net recaps have her); Ingrid was on the 9/17/07 single-run show (#1GT017: Ingrid/Amanda/Crystal); Trisha was on the 10/11/07 episode above.]
  • November 27, 2007 (Three Day "Tournament" II, Day 2)
  • November 28, 2007 (Three Day "Tournament" II, Finale)


U.K. Versions[]

Original Version (1971-83)[]


ITV, Weekly: November 20, 1971 - November 13, 1983 (originally Anglia-only; went national on January 8, 1972)

The original British Sale, hosted by Nicholas Parsons, was based on the original American one and has earned an oft-mocked reputation for being chintzy with the prizes (including, most famously, at least twice by Benny Hill) thanks to broadcast regulations at the time. The top prize was a car, but in later years it was limited to a bonus round if the winner had at least £140, with said player having an option to shop or answer some questions for the car.

Still, if you like rapid-fire quizzing, it's a good place to go.

Original set/logo/intro/theme/etc. (possibly only used for Series 1; the first announcer, Peter Marshall, was only used for Series 1)

  • January 8, 1972 (Mary/Colin/Elizabeth {taped 11/23/71}, with a line from Nicholas during the shopping segment that has been on clip shows; studio master with two slates!)

Blue set (there was apparently a gray/tan set in the mid-1970s or so), regular logo/intro/theme/announcer (John Benson)/etc.

  • August-November 1983 (Peter/DAPHNE HUDSON/Leslie)
    • [Reference is made to TVam, which started February 1, 1983.]
  • August-November 1983 (Carole/Eric/Jackie {taped 5/20/83}; ends just after first Instant Sale)
  • September 18, 1983 (S11E07: Gloria/Brian/Yvonne, with a somewhat awkward mid-game elimination)

Sky One (1989-91)[]

SOTC UK (1989).png
Saleofthecentury 1990a.jpg

Sky One, Daily: February 6, 1989 - 1991 (3 series)

Hosted by the aforementioned Peter Marshall (not the Hollywood Squares host in the States, for better or worse; this Peter was best known as a continuity announcer for Thames Television), this was the only version of the three to adapt the Australian "style"...although the top prize was still a car (for £585) and the theme was a close-sounding knockoff later used by the German version.

Gray set, yellow graphics, "spinning S of Sale" Aussie logo animation

  • February 10-24, 1989 (Jeanne/Mike/Diane {taped 1/89}, with Maria making fun of the second Gift Shop's prize copy; has commercials, open slightly clipped, ends just after Peter signs off)
  • February 13-27, 1989 (Adrian/Jane/Mike {taped 1/89}; has commercials, ends two questions after second Fame Game)
  • February 14-28, 1989 (John/Paula/Mike {taped 1/89}; has commercials, begins one question before second Gift Shop, channel changes at one point {audio doesn't change}, ends during credits)
  • February 15-March 1, 1989 (Pete {same as in 1983?!}/Lynne/Mike {taped 1/89}, with Mike going for the car; has commercials, channel changes at several points {audio doesn't change})
  • 1989 (?/?/Chris {Day 2?}; ends just before challengers are introduced)
  • October 30, 1989 (Ann/Kathy/James {£117 to spend}; begins during intro, no last segment)
  • October 31, 1989 (Ali/Lesley/James, with Peter mentioning Christmas a whole bunch of times for whatever reason)
  • November 1, 1989 (Ross/Pamella/James, with Peter making a lot of James Bond "jokes"; ends during credits)
  • November 2, 1989 (Richard/Sarah/James; begins during first Gift Shop, ends during credits)
  • November 3, 1989 (Nick/Maggie/James; begins a minute before challengers are introduced, ends during credits)
  • November 6, 1989 (Rik/Hilde/James, with James going for the car; begins during intro, ends during credits)
    • [Still has the original set and logo animation.]

Blue set and graphics, "3D" Aussie logo animation

  • 1990 (SIMON COWELL!/Barbara/Phil {Champ}; montage)
  • 1990-91 (Tony/Maggy/Kevin {Champ}, with Kevin going for the car; 1993 repeat, begins shortly into Round 2, ends after Speed Round)

Challenge (1997-98)[]


Challenge TV, Daily: February 3, 1997 - 1998 (2 series)
For some reason (likely budget), Challenge opted to go back to the classic Norwich Sale with a remixed version of the classic theme.

Hosted by Keith Chegwin, the car was still the top prize, but while it was now only £500 the method of getting money was closer to that of the original Quiz of the Week.

  • February 1997 (Douglas {£347 to spend}/Karen/Gordon {taped 1/97})
  • 1998 (Adrian {Day 6}/Sasha/Ed, with Adrian going for the car {Part 2, Part 3}; bright video, muffled audio, ends late in credits)

ITV1 (2005)[]

ITV1 Special: October 8, 2005
The fourth episode of Ant & Dec's Gameshow Marathon, with celebrities (Vernon Kay, Ruby Wax, and Eamonn Holmes) playing. While the montage/retrospective prior to the game focuses solely on the original version, the gameplay itself is a cross of the original and Sky One formats (hard to miss the Fame Game board!).

Australian Versions[]

Sale of the Century (1980-2001)[]

Screen Shot 2019-08-03 at 10.53.13 am.png

Nine Network, Daily: 14 July 1980 - 29 November 2001
Ah, the Australian version. While the franchise originated in the U.S. and gained modest success, the more well-known version that ended up receiving adaptations all around the world started here...although this wasn't the first version of the show in Australia, as Reg Grundy had "borrowed" the original format for Great Temptation (1970-74, '75, or '76; sources differ on when it ended). The 1980 Sale was based off of Great Temptation moreso than the original U.S. series.

Great Temptation offered the highest prize of any of the versions of the original Sale, and that legacy continues here. The Australian version of the show by far had the most expensive prizes and largest amount of cash on offer. While cars on the U.S. version ranged from $20,000 to $50,000, the Australian version frequently had cars worth over $60,000 (although this might be more explained by the fact that most things in Australia are more expensive than anywhere else in the world).

The show started off in 1980 with the top prize being all of the prizes on the stage. In 1982, a Cash Jackpot was added that started off at $50,000 much like the U.S. version (which added its Cash Jackpot in mid-1983), but while America increased its Cash Jackpot by $1,000 per day the Australian version upped it by $2,000 each night until won. The Lot on the Aussie version tended to total well over $100,000, where it would only be about $60,000-$80,000 for all of the prizes combined on the U.S. version. All of that makes this version the richest one worldwide, and that probably played a big role in making it the longest-running version of the worldwide franchise.


  • 14 July 1980 (Pilot/Premiere: Grant/Rosemary/Bob, with a different format structure; studio master!)
  • 1981 - Unaired clips as featured on GTV-9 Melbourne's annual Christmas Tape (NB: Full video and listed clip video contain adult themes and coarse language). Clip set includes:
    • Crew members standing near the Fame Game board (instead of out of shot) when Tony Barber enters the set; the floor manager tries to tell Tony to start again
    • The audience giving a very hostile reception to a challenger contestant when he picks the $25 off the Fame Game Board (Incidentally, the champion contestant - Geoff Clarke - later went on to win the lot)
    • Victoria Nicholls getting too much in character as a carpenter (i.e. swearing)
    • Tony Barber briefly stumbling on a question - "Doctor Cun-- Doctor Runcie"
  • 1982 - Unaired clips as featured on GTV-9 Melbourne's annual Christmas Tape (NB: Full video and listed clip video contain adult themes and coarse language). Clip set includes:
    • Pete Smith's voice cracking during the intro
    • Language question confusion
    • Contestant buzzers not working

Cash Jackpot added (debuted 16 August), Delvene Delaney begins co-hosting (began 25 October)

  • 26 October 1982 (David/Judy/Lee Tanabe, with Lee playing for the Lot {Parts 2, 3, and 4}; original commercials, part of credits missing)

Fast Money Round debuts (referred to in the United States as the Speed Round)

  • 5 August 1983 (Jack/Pam/Cyril; clip finishes at the end of the second round)
  • 17 October 1983 (Greg/Elisabeth/Brian; clip of the hilarious "Dirty Dickie" incident, with a few weird edits by the uploader)

Sale Surprise added (began by 24 February)

  • 24 February 1984 (#0870: Tom/Eileen/BARRY JONES {Cash Jackpot: $80,000}, with Barry back for his third night; includes commercials)
  • 27 February 1984 (#0871: Steve/Angela/Barry; includes commercials)
  • 28 February 1984 (#0872: John/Amanda/Barry; includes commercials)
  • 29 February 1984 (#0873: Paul/Jean/Barry; includes commercials)
  • 1 March 1984 (#0874: Ted/Helen/Barry, with Barry playing for all the onstage prizes and Tony giving the episode number; includes commercials)
  • 2 March 1984 (#0875: Ralph/Michael/Barry, with Barry playing for the Lot; includes commercials)
  • Date unknown (Monday episode) in which champion contestant Alan has just won over $100,000 in prizes, and is asked to potentially add $72,000 cash to his total (Shopping segment only)


  • 30 June 1985 (Promo for the Australia/USA Challenge Finals (Fran Powell & Virginia Noel {Australia}/Frances Wolfe & Alice Conkwright {US}, competing in a best-of-five series for $100,000, beginning Monday)
  • 3 July 1985 (Australia/USA Challenge Final, Day 3: the Australian team wins the tournament; a hilarious incorrect answer about Aladdin only (as featured on Game Show Garbage)
  • 25 October 1985 (Last minute of episode, where Brett Ednie won nearly $340,000 in cash and prizes, the second-highest amount of cash and prizes earned to that point; includes commercials and Channel Nine ident)
  • 4 November 1985 (Most of shopping segment {Cash Jackpot: $60,000}; begins just after a prize description)

Alyce Platt begins co-hosting (began 28 January; second theme and set debut at this point)

  • March 1986 ( Tony/Euni/Patrick, Saint Patrick's Day episode, starting with Nine promo, recorded with a "shaky cam" aspect from a TV, uploaded by Patrick who seems to be "playing along" at times with the recording, ends before shopping)
  • 14 April 1986 (#1291/Ashes Week 2 {UK}, Day 1: David St. John/Daphne Hudson/Roger Hebblethwaite {taped 3/9/86}; players from the British Sale competed to be part of the UK team that would play against an Australian team for $100,000; studio master with countdown leaders to the second, third and fourth rounds)
  • 18 April 1986 (#1295/Ashes Week 2 {UK}, Finale {taped 3/9/86}: John Kerrwich {starting score $80}/Daphne Hudson {starting score $65}/Susan Kaye {starting score $70}; studio master with countdown leaders to the second, third and fourth rounds)
  • 21 April 1986 (#1296/Ashes Finals, Day 1: David Bock & Cary Young {Australia}/Daphne Hudson & Susan Kaye {UK}, in a best-of-five series for $100,000; studio master with countdown leaders to the second, third and fourth rounds {alternate copy, taped from a "Sale Classics" repeat (YouTube link unavailable)})
  • 22 April 1986 (#1297/Ashes Finals, Day 2; studio master with countdown leaders to the second, third and fourth rounds)
  • 23 April 1986 (#1298/Ashes Finals, Day 3 {taped 3/13/86}; studio master with countdown leaders to the second, third and fourth rounds)
  • Date unknown (Promo for a "Monday" episode, featuring clips from the previous episode with Brian Fitzpatrick/Barbara/Bob; Brian would later go on to win "the lot" and also become one of $ale's question writers in the early-mid 1990s)
  • Date unknown (David/Judy/Peter; clip ends during the challenger introductions)


Cash Box is introduced around late 1986 / early 1987

  • April 1987 (Australian Championships, Final: David (Dave) Poltorak/Cary Young/Virginia Noel/David Bock, with the winner progressing to the World Championships for a chance at a $100,000+ prize package; begins at very end of last Fame Game question)
  • 13 May 1987 (Nick/Marilyn Benthien/Paul {Day 2}, with the Cash Jackpot at $94,000)
  • 14 May 1987 (Sylvia/David/Marilyn; ends during Grundy logo)
  • 15 May 1987 (Rose/Tam/Marilyn; few original commercials, first few seconds missing, ends during Grundy logo)
  • 18 May 1987 (Victoria/Rinus/Marilyn; ends shortly after Grundy logo appears)
  • 19 May 1987 (Deirdre/John/Marilyn; first few seconds missing, ends during credits)
  • 20 May 1987 (Audrey/Ross/Marilyn; ends as Tony signs off)
  • 21 May 1987 (Robin/Graham/Marilyn, with Marilyn going for the Lot; ends during credits)


  • 9 March 1988 (World Championships, Australia Heat 3: Dean Cupitt/Marilyn Benthien/David Bock {Cash Box: $3,000})
    • [NOTE: Dean Cupitt was originally defeated by David Bock on his last night in July 1984; however, he later won the 1987 Interstate Championships representing New South Wales. This is a rare instance of a champion contestant who did not win on their final night, but was considered for a tournament at a later date.]
  • 4 May 1988 (Andrew/Angela/Murray, with Murray playing for all the onstage prizes; includes commercials, begins just before players are given their starting money, ends during credits)

Winner's Board replaces shopping, Cash Card replaces Cash Box (debuted around April 1989; purple/blue set likely debuts at the same time, as do the 3D logo animation and blue money chyrons)

  • June 1989 (Clips from various episodes {including Gwayne/Andy/Anna-Marie, Linda/Tom/Anna-Marie, and Peter/Lucy/Tom} leading up to #2,000 on 16 June, with lots of classic moments...)
    • [14 July 1980: Tony's entrance on the Premiere]
    • [2 March 1987: Odd "three amigos" moment with Tony]
    • [13 May 1981: Victoria Nicholls receives way too much powder puff during a Gift Shop]
    • [4 September 1980: Vince Smith finds the $25 Money Card and becomes the first Lot ($64,000) winner right then, skipping the last three questions]
    • [15 April 1986 (Ashes Week 2 {UK}, Day 2): Alan (one of the contestants) says "Well, I'll have the one that's under the poofter; I'll go for Boy George." from the Fame Game board (with "poofter" censored)]
    • [25 June 1984: Money safe hits Tony in the head as it and the $66,000 Cash Jackpot sign descend]
    • [29 August 1985: Tony gets surprise-powdered by Delvene during a Gift Shop]
    • [17 October 1983: Tony loses it after accidentally saying "dirty dickie" during a question]
    • [12 November 1986: David Poltorak sets a front-game record score of $200]
    • [16 May 1984: Tony mentions model Judy's birthday]
    • [14 November 1986: Tony putts to try and lower a Gift Shop price]


  • 19 July 1990 (10th-Anniversary Celebrity Challenge, Heat 3?: Mike Carleton/Jennifer Byrne/George Negus, all of whom work in news and current affairs {Cash Card: $7,000}; clips are shown of the Hong Kong, American {'83}, British {'89}, German, and New Zealand versions of Sale)
  • 5 October 1990 (Paul/KATE BUCKINGHAM/John {Cash Card: $17,000 Cash Jackpot: $306,000}, with John going for the Lot {taped 8/29/90}


  • Early 1991 (Kim/Patrick/Debbie, starts with Lucky $5 Note plug, uploaded by same man who uploaded the March 1986 episode, "shaky cam", slightly muffled audio, seems to be "playing along" with it, some commercials included, ends with Nine promo)
  • 13? March 1991 (Tuesday: Peter/Esther/Ian {Cash Card: $6,000; Cash Jackpot: $140,000} {Part 4}; has commercials, intro slightly clipped, audio/video slightly off)
  • 21 March 1991 (Sue/Russell/Esther {Cash Card: $6,000, Cash Jackpot: $1??,000} {Part 3, Part 4}; begins during Esther's interview, ends during consolation prize rundown)
    • [Tony notes that Esther was behind for most of the show last night.]

Glenn Ridge and Jo Bailey take over (began 22 April)

  • 12 June 1991 (Miles/Shona/Ian {Champ}, with the Cash Card at $6,000 and the Cash Jackpot at $132,000; has commercials, begins shortly before second Fame Game, "shaky-cam" upload {aspect ratio also seems to be off})
    • [Viewer question is about Terry Alderman, a cricket bowler who appeared on a Sale Sports Challenge in 1990 and turned 35 on the broadcast date.]
  • 13 June 1991 (David/Delphine/Miles; has two commercials, ends during second Gift Shop, "shaky-cam" upload {aspect ratio also seems to be off}, really loud sneeze at 24:59 of first video)


  • 1992 (Barbara/David/Anne; brief clips, uploaded by contestant David Sturdy)
  • 1992 (AFL Special: Steve/Craig/Simon; opening and closing missing)

Cash Card replaces Joker with Take $5 (began by 22 September); also the champion contestant requiring a score of $100 or more to play for the car

  • 22 September 1992 (Brindley/Robyn/Tony {Day 4}; Cash Card: $5,000, Cash Jackpot: $134,000; has commercials, begins at Glenn's entrance, no sound for first few seconds; taped from GWN7)

Cash Card freezes at $5,000 (began 1993?)

Nicky Buckley becomes hostess; "futuristic" set debuts (buzz-in lights go upward, Eggcrate-esque player displays), Cash Card changes from cards to slot machines (debuted 7 February 1994)

  • February 1994 (Friday: Frankie {Champ}/?/? {taped 11/93}, close only; with continuity for Strike It Lucky)
  • 1994 (Celebrity Challenge, Finals #1: Derryn Hinch/Jackie Weaver/Trevor Hendy/Lisa Hemsley; intro and close only)
    • At the time of broadcast, Derryn Hinch and Jackie Weaver had been married for 11 years; they divorced in 1996.
  • 1994 (Comedy Special Take 2, Finals #1: Ian/Sofie Formica/Shirley/Michael; opening missing)
  • 1994 (Comedy Special Take 2, Finals #2: Ian/Sofie Formica/Shirley/Michael)
  • 16 September 1994 (Friday: Danny/Dean/Rosalie {Cash Jackpot $58,000; VTR date 29 August 1994}; includes countdown leaders to each round and production slate)
  • 19 September 1994 (Monday: James/Karen/Danny {Cash Jackpot $60,000; VTR date 12 September 1994}; includes production slate and countdown leaders to each round)


  • February? 1995 (Monday: Andrew/Rosanne/Rob {Cash Jackpot: $78,000}, with Rob going for the Lot; low audio, begins at Cash Jackpot announcement during intro, ends during credits {also includes home movie footage of Rob's viewing party for this episode})
  • 1995 (Battle of the Footy Codes, Heat 1: Matthew Richardson/Sam Newman/Billy Brownless/Michael Long; going shopping part missing)
  • 19 June 1995 (Battle of the TV Classics, Heat 1 {The Sullivans}: Lorraine Bayly/Paul Cronin/Susan Hannaford/Andrew McFarlane, with Joyce Jacobs making a cameo; sponsored by Tip Top Sunblest)
    • [Opening for these shows is Pete Smith interacting with characters from each show (in order of The Sullivans, Prisoner, The Young Doctors and Number 96), which was likely a nostalgic wave for some and proof to others that even when a show isn't on the air, its universe still keeps going.]
  • 20 June 1995 (Battle of the TV Classics, Heat 2 {Number 96}: Johnny Lockwood/Elaine Lee/Jeff Kevin/Candy Raymond; has commercials, ends just before signoffs)
  • 21 June 1995 (Battle of the TV Classics, Heat 3 {Prisoner}: Maggie Kirkpatrick/Val Lahman/Colette Mann/Fiona Spence, with Joyce Jacobs and Paul Cronin {among others} making cameos)
  • 22 June 1995 (Battle of the TV Classics, Heat 4 {The Young Doctors}: Cornelia Frances/Bartholomew John/Judy McBurney/Chris King, with Reg Grundy as the subject of a Fame Game question and Delvene Delaney on the Fame Game board; has commercials; sponsored by Fly Buys)
O sale-of-the-century-15th-anniversary-australia-1995-f6f0.jpg
  • 21 July 1995 (Friday: Ed/Barbara/Cameron {Cash Jackpot $186,000}; the upcoming 15th Anniversary special is mentioned at the end of this episode)
  • 24 July 1995 (15th-Anniversary Special, with lots of great clips and reminiscing...oh, and a rap; yes, they actually made a rap music video about the show...and it's just as painful as it sounds)


  • 1996 (State of Origin Celebrity Challenge, Final {Monday}: Graham Corns?/Ronda Birchmore/David Raine/Grant Kenny; first 48 seconds only)
  • 20 September 1996 ("40 Years of Television" Finals, Day 1: Sue Smith/Philip Brady/Joanna Lockward/PETE SMITH, with GARY COLEMAN announcing; has commercials {including one with Tony Barber}, ends just after post-game car plug; sponsored by Triumph)


  • 1997 (Michael/Robin/Andrew; Mad Minute only)

Cash Jackpot sign changes to seven light-up ovals

  • 3 July 1997 ({Cash Jackpot: $120,000}; ends during Pete Smith's signoff; sponsored by The Australian Women's Weekly)
  • 19 September 1997 (John/Debbie/Trent Cox {Cash Jackpot: $120,000}; ends during Pete Smith's signoff; sponsored by The Australian Women's Weekly)
  • 2 October 1997 (Family Challenge, Heat 4: Rhonda & Bree/Len & Anton/Rod & Lauren; begins shortly before Glenn walks out)
    • [Glenn notes that it's the last Heat and tomorrow is the start of the Semifinals.]
  • 6 October 1997 (Family Challenge, Semifinal #2: Len & Anton vs. Campbell & Jo, with LARRY EMDUR on the Fame Game board; sponsored by Vaalia)

Pete Smith no longer signs off

  • 1998 (Clips of Martin Pakula's episodes {including Chris/Martin/Anne-Marie and Graeme/Renata/Martin}, from a 2010 news report {At the time of the report, Martin was the Victorian Minister for Public Transport; he currently holds joint positions as the Attorney-General for Victoria and the Victorian Minister for Racing, both positions held since late 2014})
  • 11 May 1998 (University Challenge - State of Origin, Semi-Final #2?: Keiran/Bill/Alex/David; begins one commercial before Mad Minute, "wobbly" audio; sponsored by Campbell's)
    • [Top two scores advance to the Finals, airing the following night.]
  • 3 September 1998 (Kim/Sue/Phil {Champ}, with Phil playing to clear the Winner's Board {Cash Jackpot: $106,000}; original commercials; sponsored by Campbell's, Just Jeans and Old El Paso)
    • [Still has the 3D logo animation.]

Logo animation changes to a "one letter at a time" vertically-flipping style; Cash Jackpot sign changes to a different kind of light-up ovals

  • 7 April 1999 (Shane/Dawn/Brett {Day 5, risking over $50,000}, with the Cash Jackpot at $70,000; begins at start of Cash Card round)
  • 25 June 1999 (Friday: Stewart/Lyn/Andrew Yeend, with Andrew going for the Lot {Cash Jackpot: $184,000}; begins shortly before final question of the game; sponsored by L'Oreal)

The New Century overhaul; Karina Brown becomes hostess (began 21 February 2000)

  • 2 March 2000 (Bernie/Jack/Joan/Cameron {Day 6, risking $70,366}, with the Cash Jackpot at $132,000; begins after Karina walks out)
  • 13 March 2000 (Intro, with a $146,000 Cash Jackpot)

Glenn's backdrop changes from red circles to purple vertical rectangles (began by May 22)

  • 22 May 2000 (TOM BECK/Agnes/Michael/David {Cash Jackpot: $236,000}, with Tom giving some Round 1 answers in the form of a question {he was on the short-lived Aussie Jeopardy! in 1993}; first show after a week off, due to Olympic selection trials; with SCOTT MCRAE on the Fame Game board!)
  • 31 May 2000 (Marg/John/Sue/TOM BECK {Cash Jackpot: $250,000}, with Tom going for the Lot {as well as the spot of fourth-highest Sale winner} and Glenn admitting that the new format makes it harder to have a Lot win; sponsored by Hesta Super Fund)
  • 1 June 2000 (Neil/Denise/Sean/Frank {Cash Jackpot: $50,000}; sponsored by CBUS)
  • 2000 (?/?/Alison/Craig {Champ?}; tail end of Mad Minute, starting with 11 seconds left on the clock)
  • 2000? (Celebrity Special?: Robin/Anthony Field/Maggie/Greg; last part of Mad Minute, starting with 37 seconds left on the clock) {alternate copy}
  • 20 October 2000 ("Millionaire" Challenge, Semifinal #2: Gary/Rick/Trevor/Brent; has some commercials, last half of final segment missing)
    • [Specifically, "Millionaire" refers to Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Basically, cross-promotion by Nine (and desperation for Sale). Top two scorers tonight will go on to the Finals on Monday, where the winner will get a car and $100,000.]
  • 24 October 2000 (Damian/Micheal/Paula/Laurie {Day 2, risking $8,410}; Cash Jackpot: $230,000; sponsored by Solver Paints Decorator Centres)
    • [Glenn notes that the previous 11 shows were a "Millionaire Challenge".]
  • 6 November 2000 (Alex/Silva?/Brett/Robyn {Cash Jackpot: $248,000}; has a few commercials, various small portions missing {including Gift Shops}, ends three questions into Round 3; sponsored by Holden)
  • 23 November 2000 (Jean/Kim/Ian/Michelle {Cash Jackpot: $274,000})
  • 24 November 2000 (Season Finale: Doug/Lindy/Ray/Jean; ends during fifth question of Round 1; sponsored by Arnott's and Bulla)

New dropped from title, fourth player removed, lowest-scoring player still eliminated before Mad Minute (began 12 February)

  • 12 February 2001 (Season Premiere: Karen/SIMON FALLON/Lindy, with the Cash Jackpot at $278,000; begins during intro, ends during shopping portion)
  • 9 July 2001 (21st-Birthday Challenge, Quarter-Final #1: First 54 seconds only)
  • 16 July 2001 (21st-Birthday Challenge, Semi-Finals: Len Keating/David Purleer/Steve Harper/Andrew Werbik/Vince Smith, with some classic clips; with EDDIE MCGUIRE on the Fame Game board; has commercials; sponsored by Greenseas and CGU Insurance)
  • Mid-2001 (Monday; Lifestyle Challenge Final #2: James Lindsay {Changing Rooms; $25}/Ben Dark {Getaway; $5}/Catriona Rowntree {Getaway; $55}/David Reyne {Getaway; $60}, with Pete Smith modeling the first Gift Shop prize and Glenn accidentally calling Karina "Katrina" – so she calls him "Tony")
    • [No "on this day" questions, although Glenn notes that Robert McCloud will be back for his second game the following night.]
  • 4 September 2001 (Linda/Chris/LOUISE WILLIAMS {Cash Jackpot: $182,000}, with Louise going for the Lot {Part 3}; has one commercial)
    • [Glenn notes that Louise defeated Peter Dunn, who was also on his last night and going for the Lot, and that the last female to win the Lot was Maria McCabe in 1999.]

Temptation (2005-09)[]


Nine Network, Daily: 30 May 2005 - 23 January 2009 (500+ episodes)
After dismissing Glenn, Karina, and Pete following the 2001 season and an attempt to find new on-camera talent for the planned 2002 return was thwarted by Frasier repeats doing so well, the show was put on the shelf for several years...until this.

Hosted by Ed Phillips and Livinia Nixon (the latter also filling the role of announcer), the show added and tweaked various elements: Cash Card was replaced by the Vault, containing anywhere from $1-$5,000 ($10,000 after the first season); new elements were added to the Fame Game board, such as Turbo and Burglar; the Cash Jackpot was now a player's "cash account", which started at $50,000 and increased by that amount every time that player cleared a rapid-fire quiz; and the endgame was replaced by a simple progression ladder (nice prizes for each of the first five days, Day 6 awarded all five, Day 7 handed over the Cash Jackpot, and Day 8 awarded all the prizes and doubled the Cash Jackpot).

Sale had been successfully refreshed, giving away more than ever and keeping the fire burning.

2005 (Winning champions requiring seven nights to win the Lot, including $500,000 in gold)

  • May 30, 2005 (Premiere: Phil/Edwina/Ian)
  • August 2, 2005 (Steve/Jo/Jeremy {Day 3}; ten-minute compilation)
  • August 3, 2005 (John/Jennifer/Steve; 7:49 compilation)
  • August 24, 2005 (Drew/Sue/STEPHEN HALL {Day 7}, with Stephen going for the Lot)
    • [In a nice touch, those going for the Lot are given a similar intro to those going for the Lot on Sale, complete with drumroll and proper camera shots. Ed notes that Stephen is only the second player to go for the Lot.]
  • September 9, 2005 (David/Steve/ROB O'NEILL {Day 7}, with Rob going for the Lot and $500,000 gold; sponsored by Australian Pensioners Insurance Agency)

Cash Jackpot has replaced the $500,000 gold as the top prize; Cash Jackpot begins at $50,000; winning the Lot (which now takes eight wins) doubles the cash, for a maximum of $800,000

  • February 17, 2006 (Kings of Comedy, Final #2: Vince Sorrenti {$35}/Dave Hughes {$51}/Mikey Robins {$92})
  • March 8, 2006 (Kate/David/YOLANDA STOPAR {Day 8}, with Yolanda going for the Lot and $800,000; has commercials)
  • March 27, 2006 (Quizmasters, Heat 1: Clifford Plumpton {Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?}/Yolanda Stopar {Temptation}/Rob "Coach" Fulton {Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?})
  • March 28, 2006 (Quizmasters, Heat 2: Tom Beck {Sale of the New Century}/Yael Blinco {Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?}/Stephen Hall {Temptation})
    • [Mention is made that Tom won two "Super Sale" episodes. Not mentioned was that they were the one against Simon Fallon (February 2001) and the one against Fallon and Louise Williams (September? 2001).]
  • March 29, 2006 (Quizmasters, Heat 3: Scott Smith {Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, New Zealand}/Brigid O'Connor {Temptation}/Rob O'Neill {Temptation})
  • March 30, 2006 (Quizmasters, Semi-Final #1; no open)
  • March 31, 2006 (Quizmasters, Semi-Final #2)
  • April 3, 2006 (Quizmasters, Finals, where the winning contestant would pick up two prizes {a $36,479 holiday in New York + Bangkok and a $69,950 Volvo SUV}, plus a possible $50,000 or $100,000 Cash Jackpot)

Opening sequence now shows on-camera staff

  • April 26, 2007 (Battle of the Footy Codes: Clint/Danny/Andrew/Archie Thompson {who isn't taking most of this seriously, and even presses someone else's buzzer during a Gift Shop}; 6:42 montage)
  • June 11, 2007 (Evan/Minnette/BLAIR MARTIN, with Blair going for the Lot)
  • July 2, 2007 (David/Kate/Peodair, with Peodair going for all the prizes; Fast Money only)
  • July 9, 2007 (Russell/Joanne/David, with David going for all the prizes; Fast Money only)
  • Mid-2007 (Nick/Holly/Darren {champ retired last time}; ten-minute montage, with no hints {that I could tell} about the airdate)
  • Mid-2007 (Axella/Daniel/Kimberley, with the whole Hi-5 gang on the Fame Game board; all 3 rounds only)

2008-09 (final season)
Ed's backdrop becomes a curved hole-filled metallic structure; player area now has a white top; score display monitors become blue for most of the game and red for Fast Money

  • December 1, 2008 (Season Premiere: Trish/Jay/Angela; sponsored by Cussons Pure)
  • December 3, 2008 (Elliot/Fiona/Ben {Day 2}, with several questions pretty obviously having been re-read in post-production; has commercials; sponsored by Ritchie's)

New Zealand Versions[]

TVNZ 1/TVNZ 2 (1989-93)[]


TVNZ 1/TVNZ 2, Daily: April 1989 - June 1993 (show jumped between channels at times)
New Zealand's biggest bargain sale was, like their version of Wheel of Fortune, based heavily on the Australian version. Hosted by Steve Parr with Judith Dobson as hostess, this was one of the few versions to "mirror" the traditional Sale set: the contestant desks were at camera left, with the host exiting to his podium at the right of the Fame Game board.

The shopping format was used until late 1992 or early 1993 (no Cash Jackpot; $650 won everything), being replaced by the Winner's Board in 1993.

Shopping format (1989-92?)

  • 1990 (Promo for Monday's show of Mike {Champ}/Caroline/Grant)
  • 1991 (Mark/Janice/Jerry, with an odd Gift Shop presentation; Gift Shop and close only, ends during Grundy logo animation)
  • 1991 (Promo for the next day's show of Roger {Champ}/Marian/Warren)
  • 1992 (Friday: Jeff {Day 6}/Moreen/Kevin, with Jeff going for the Lot; begins just before Fast Money segment)
  • 1992 (Promo for "Champion of Champions", beginning Monday)

Winner's Board (1993)

TV3 (1994-95)[]

TV3, Daily: Fall? 1994 - Early 1995
Pretty much the same show, just with a different hostess (Julie White) and with the shopping endgame restored.

Originally, the endgame sale prices were $75-$150-$245-$345-$445-$550 (car)-$650 (Lot). Sometime between mid-November and late December, two more prize levels were added and the progression became $75-$150-$245-$345-$445-$545-$645-$750 (car)-$850 (Lot).


  • November 11, 1994 (Ethan {$103 to spend}/Kathryn/Dean Sole; first two seconds or so missing)
  • November 14, 1994 (Dean/Pat/Andy, with Dean setting an endgame record score of $201)
  • November 15, 1994 (Dean/Jan/Alan; has "ghosting" for last minute or so)
  • November 16, 1994 (Dean/Anne/Greg; minor audiovisual issues during Fame Game face rundown, no credits)
  • November 17, 1994 (Dean/Jeanie/Ken, with Dean Sole going for the Lot; first several seconds missing)
  • December 13, 1994 (Family Challenge, Heat 7: Paul & David Heather vs. Crawford & Rochelle Brown {Part 2, Part 3}; ends during credits)
    • [The Family Challenge took place over three weeks, beginning with eight Heats followed by four Quarter-Finals beginning on Thursday of Week 2. The winners of those faced off in Semi-Finals on Wednesday-Thursday, with the Finals on Friday of Week 3 (specifically, two days before Christmas).]
  • December 15, 1994 (Family Challenge, Quarter-Final #1: Kate & Peter Smith {won Heat 5} vs. Crawford & Rochelle Brown {Part 2, Part 3}; begins shortly before logo animation)

Shopping endgame prices altered (began by December 26)

  • December 29, 1994 (Stuart {Day 4 - $286 to spend}/Ann/Ken)
    • [Of note, the intro spiel uses $550 for the car and $445 for the prize right below it, suggesting it was recorded before the endgame was altered and that this was the first week with the new prize structure.]
  • December 30, 1994 (Ken/Erin/Charlie, with a New Year's display falling apart as Julie enters)

Intro slightly altered, announcer now calls the show The New Sale of the Century, challengers already seated during intro (began January 2)

Copyright date changes to 1995

  • Early 1995 (Finale/International Tournament, Finals #2: Jeff {New Zealand}/Paul {Australia}, a fitting closer even if they clearly didn't know it was the end; begins just before Fast Money)

German Versions[]

Tele 5 (1990-92)[]

Hopp oder top 01.jpg

Tele 5, Daily: December 31, 1990 - December 31, 1992 (500+ episodes)
Hopp oder Top, using the same "knockoff" theme as the 1989-91 British version. The pilot had a different name of Angebot Des Jahrhunderts. Originally hosted by Andreas Similia, who was replaced by Thomas "Thomy" Aigner in April 1991.

Originally, the car required a cumulative score of DM610 (610 Deutschemarks) and the second-highest prize DM520. By December 1991, the car was dropped to DM520 and the second-highest prize dropped to DM430; at the same time, the next levels were DM610 for the Cash Jackpot (which started at DM80.000 and increased DM1.000 each episode until won) and DM700 for the Lot.

Andreas Similia (December 31, 1990-April 1991)

  • Early 1991 (Claudia/Thomas/Manuela {Cash Jackpot: DM82.000}, with Maneula going for the car; begins during contestant interviews, ends late in credits)
  • Early 1991 (Alfons/Frauke/Jurgen {Cash Jackpot: DM116.000}, with Jurgen going for the Lot)
  • Early 1991 (Mark-Oliver/Angie/Peter {Cash Jackpot: unknown}; no sound, begins shortly before Fast Money, ends during car plug)

Thomy Aigner (April 1991-December 31, 1992)
Uncertain year (all have the car for DM520 and next-highest prize for DM430)

  • December 1991 or '92 (Karin/Hans-Peter/Lore {Champ}, with the set decorated for Christmas {Cash Jackpot: DM104.000})
  • December 1991 or '92 (Michaela/Heinrich/Karin {Champ}, with the set decorated for Christmas {Cash Jackpot: DM105.000}; ends just after signoffs)
  • 1991-92 (Heinz/Sandra/Detlef {Champ}; Cash Jackpot: DM113.000)
  • 1991-92 (Bernhard/Petra/Dominik {Champ}; Cash Jackpot: DM130.000)
  • 1991-92 (Franz/Claudia/Thomas {Champ, not either of the below}; Cash Jackpot: DM135.000; ends just after signoffs)
  • 1991-92 (Peer/Julia/Thomas {Champ, not the one above or below}; Cash Jackpot: DM127.000)
  • 1991-92 (Bernhard/Christine/Thomas {Champ, not either of the above}; Cash Jackpot: DM87.000)
  • 1991-92 (Maresa/Paul/Helga {Champ}; Cash Jackpot: DM106.000)
  • 1991-92 (Rosemarie/Claus/Christine {Champ}; Cash Jackpot: DM124.000)
  • 1991-92 (Gigi/Peter/Heidi {Champ}; Cash Jackpot: DM152.000)
  • 1991-92 (Josef/Sigrid/Erik {Champ}; Cash Jackpot: DM82.000)
  • 1991-92 (Margret/Peter/Maria {Champ}; Cash Jackpot: DM139.000)


  • December 1991 (Jochen/France/Andreas {Cash Jackpot: DM122.000}, with the set decorated for Christmas; really low audio)


  • 1992 (Andre/Sigrid/Sepp {Champ}; Cash Jackpot: DM79.000)
  • 1992 (Paul/Birgitta/Florian {Cash Jackpot: DM118.000}, with Florian going for the Lot; has commercials, but no idea whether it's an OB or rerun)
  • 1992 (Karin/Jens/Silvia {champ retired last time}, with the models dressed as clowns for...some reason {Cash Jackpot: DM76.000})
  • 1992 (Heinrich/Ursula/Helmut {Champ}, with Thomy wearing a bizarre plaid jacket {Cash Jackpot: DM96.000})
  • 1992 (Carola/Heiko/Brigitte {Champ}; Cash Jackpot: DM93.000)
  • 1992 (Peter/Sabine/Heino {Champ}; Cash Jackpot: DM101.000)
  • 1992 (Barbel/?/? {Cash Jackpot: DM118.000}; 1998 tm3 repeat, begins during last runner-up consolation)
  • November 5, 1992 (500th episode: Hildegard/Kurt/Christine {Champ}, with a massive cake to celebrate {Cash Jackpot: DM85.000})
  • December 31, 1992 (Thomy's Finale: Uwe-Kurt/Sonja/Dominik {Day 2}; Cash Jackpot: DM125.000)

DSF (1993)[]

DSF, Daily?: January 1? - ?, 1993 (a few months)
The Hermann Toelcke era, which was pretty much the same as the previous version.

  • January 1?, 1993 (Premiere: Bert/Heidi/Dominik {Cash Jackpot: DM127.000})
  • 1993 (Rose/Walter/Monika {champ retired last time}; Cash Jackpot: DM110.000)
  • 1993 (Christine/Kurt/Marlis {Champ}; Cash Jackpot: DM101.000)
  • 1993 (Eva/Wolfgang/Gudrun {champ retired last time}; Cash Jackpot: DM76.000)

Mexican Version (1998-99)[]


TV Azteca: 1998 - 1999
La Venta Increible (The Incredible Sale), hosted by Guillermo Huesca (also host of Trato Hecho, the Spanish version of Let's Make a Deal here in the States), with a pretty similar set to the Aussie version at the time and even using the latter's theme.

All of the money amounts are multiplied, usually by 5: players start with $100 (Mexican pesos), with questions worth +/-$25. The Fame Game board hides $50, $75, and $125 Money Cards. The sale prices, both for Instant Bargains and the shopping endgame, have also been upped pretty much fivefold (such as the Instant Bargains costing $30, $55, and $75, and the sale prices of the big prizes increasing for $375 to the car selling for $2,625, and the Cash Jackpot increasing by $10,000 per day). Because of this, this is the only version of the franchise to use four-digit score displays.



La Venta Increible 1999.png

By this point, the Cash Jackpot seems to be gone. The sign, and its associated graphic during the intro, are now used to denote the grand total of each week's Lot.

  • 1999 (Alma/Eduardo/Patricia {Champ}; Lot Total: $491,000)
    • [This and the below three are consecutive.]
  • 1999 (Jorge/Rosalia/Eduardo {Lot Total: $491,000})
  • 1999 (Luis/Katia/Eduardo {Lot Total: $484,000})
  • 1999 (Enrique/Arandi/Eduardo {Lot Total: $484,000})

Indian Version (2004)[]

Star ONE, Daily: 2004
Super Sale, hosted by Sajid Khan. The only things this version really borrowed were the shopping-era format and Aussie sounds (even if the latter feel like they were recorded from an episode with their abruptness) – the set, logo, music, and graphics were all different. Oh, and there's no onscreen timer during Fast Money...or a Cash Jackpot, it seems (the Lot appears to consist of all the onstage prizes plus a second car).

Also, yes the uploader is Star itself, but would it hurt to put the show's name in the uploads and not spoil the outcomes immediately in most cases?

  • 2004 (#2: Ronak/Niyati/Kunai {Champ?})
  • 2004 (#4)
  • 2004 (#5)
  • 2004 (#6)
  • 2004 (#25: Sashi/Sangeeta/Sagar, with Sagar going for the car)
  • 2004 (#114: Sukumar/Nivedita/Sujoy {Champ})
  • 2004 (#119: Sajid/Pratik/Nazia {Champ})

Nigerian Version (2006)[]

M-Net: 2006
A short-lived Temptation based on the successful Aussie series, hosted by IK Osakioduwa and Kemi Adetiba. The only thing this version really borrowed, though, was the format (albeit with only six wins needed for the Lot and accumulated Cash Jackpot) – the set, logo, graphics, and sounds were all different.

  • 2006 (Behind-the-scenes report, with clips {and spot the spelling error on the autocue shown at 1:14})

Paraguay Version (1995-98)[]

La Venta Del Siglo.png

SNT, Daily: June 30, 1995 - December 23, 1998
La Venta del Siglo (The Sale of the Century), hosted by Nestor Povigna (replaced by Mario Ferreiro for the final season) with Marisa Monutti as hostess. One of only a few versions to flip the usual set layout, and due to inflation the front-game scores actually represent thousands.

Each player starts with ₲10.000 (Paraguayan guaraní), with questions worth ₲2.000 each. Instant Bargains' sale prices are generally ₲2.000-₲4.000-₲6.000. The Fame Game board has Money Cards of ₲4.000, ₲6.000, and what seems to be ₲10.000 (and at least the ₲4.000 and ₲6.000 are shuffled back onto the board if found), plus a Pick Again space offering ₲200.000.

The endgame sale prices are ₲32.000-₲76.000-₲122.000-₲170.000-₲218.000, with two further (currently unknown) sale prices for the car and the Lot.